Limited BMW M3 CS 2024 with 543 hp unveiled

The BMW M Division celebrated its 50th anniversary last year with the launch of a number of new models, including one Hardcore M4 CSL.

There wasn’t a similar hardcore version of the M3, which probably pissed off fans of the more practical M thoroughbred. It turns out they just had to wait as BMW M unveiled a new M3 CS for the 2024 model year on Tuesday.

2024 BMW M4 CS

2024 BMW M4 CS

The CS cars fill the gap between the competition class and the hardcore CSL. They increase performance beyond the typical means of more power and less weight, and this is true of the latest M3 CS. The car is confirmed to have the same output of 543 hp as the M4 CSL, generated by BMW M’s well-known 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six. The performance boost compared to the 503 hp of the M3 Competition is possible thanks to additional boost pressure and optimization of the control unit.

The engine will be mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive system and at full power should deliver a 0-60mph time in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 188mph. The all-wheel drive system, a unique BMW M setup, uses a multi-plate clutch to transfer torque between the axles. The system features rear orientation, and a 4WD Sport mode can further reinforce that orientation. If the driver wants a classic rear-wheel drive feel, there is also the option of directing the entire drive torque to the rear wheels only.

Additional chassis modifications include aluminum strut braces to increase rigidity, upgraded brakes (carbon-ceramic rotors are available) and unique tuning of stability control, camber, dampers and anti-roll bars, all aimed at improving track performance. The wheels can be ordered in gold or matt black and measure 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear. The wheels come standard with performance tires, but buyers can fit track-ready Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires as a no-cost option. The tires measure 275/35 at the front and 285/30 at the rear.

2024 BMW M4 CS

2024 BMW M4 CS

To reduce weight, BMW M engineers used lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic for the bonnet, roof, front splitter, front air intakes, side mirror caps and rear spoiler. Carbon parts are also used throughout the cabin, including the standard bucket seats, which are also covered with Merino leather. A titanium silencer rounds out the list of weight-saving mods, which total around 75 pounds. However, the advertised curb weight is still around 3,915 pounds.

2024 BMW M4 CS

2024 BMW M4 CS

Also inside the new dashboard is introduced throughout the 3 Series for 2023. It eliminates the traditional instrument cluster fascia, leaving a 12.3-inch floating screen for the instrument cluster that connects to a second 14.9-inch floating screen for the infotainment hub. Both screens have M-specific displays in the M3 CS.

Also standard is M Drive Professional, a package that includes both the M Drift Analyzer and the M Laptimer for recording trips for later evaluation. M Drive Professional also includes M Traction Control, which allows the driver to adjust the traction control between 10 settings, and the M Mode drive mode selector with Road, Sport and Track options.

The 2024 M3 CS is confirmed as a limited edition — but BMW M hasn’t said how limited — and is set to launch later this year with a starting price of $119,695, including a $995 destination fee.


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