1960s East German camera visits Colorado Junkyards

I shoot many photos of discarded vehicles with old film camerasmostly with pre-1940 American-made hardware Medium format film. Some interesting cameras came from the Soviet Union and theirs Vassal States of the Warsaw Pact during the cold war period 1945-1989, and sometimes me too bring a mockba or FED with me My junkyard travels.

Murilee Martin

The nation that brought us the Warburg and satellitethe German Democratic Republic aka East Germany, was a successful camera manufacturer after the Second World War. the pentacon Company in Dresden, built from the ashes of half a dozen pre-war camera companies from the region, developed a single lens reflex camera with the very popular 135 film format in 1968. This was the Praktica, and exports to the United States under the Hanimex brand began immediately (undercutting the retail prices of the very popular canon and Nikon SLR cameras).

Murilee Martin

I don’t shoot much 35mm film (unless it’s in a tiny 110 year old Kodak box camera with No. 00 Cartridge Premo film or a 70 year old Kodak viewfinder camera shooting 828 film), but this camera was a generous gift from a 24-hour lemon team and i decided to see how well it worked. Check the gallery for the results.


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