1. Classic Car Dealership Opens in Grundy County: Aces Classic Cars

MINOOKA, IL – A year and a half since Chapin’s East and Twin Rail Pub Closed after 11 years in business, Grundy County’s first classic car dealership is now open in the former Minooka Banquet Hall. Aces vintage cars opened this weekend with six vintage cars for sale at 502 Twin Rail Drive just off Ridge Road.

“Our plan is to have about 20 here,” noted Brad Gall of Joliet, one of the sales representatives at Aces Classic Cars.

After purchasing the property, Aces spent several months remodeling the interior. The interior of the dealership features historical photographs of Minooka. There is also a 1950s diner theme.

“It’s all based on classics,” Gall explained. “We are the first and only classic car dealership in Grundy County.”

Aces Classic Cars has just opened in Minooka at 502 Twin Rail Drive, the former property of Chapin’s East Banquets & Catering. John Ferak/Patch

Matt Ewert, of Ewert’s Automotive across the street at 505 Twin Rail Drive, owns it.

On Friday at the Aces Classic Cars showroom were a 1986 Ford Mustang, a 1971 Laguna, a 1963 Rambler Wagon and a 1965 Buick Regal.

“We also buy, trade and sell on commission,” says Gall.

This coming summer, Aces Classic Cars plans to become a major force in the Minooka community.

Aces plans to host a Friday night car cruise. On the first Saturday of the month, starting in May, Aces plans to host a classic car show at its property, which includes a huge parking lot overlooking Ridge Road.

The Aces Classic Cars dealership is now open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 3pm and Saturday from 9am to 12pm. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Aces Classic Cars has just opened in Minooka at 502 Twin Rail Drive, the former property of Chapin’s East Banquets & Catering. John Ferak/Patch

“Aces Classic Cars does everything possible to offer high-quality classic cars at realistic prices,” the website says. “Our team of knowledgeable professionals is always available via email or phone to answer any questions. We’re located in Minooka…we’re just minutes from the I-80 and I-55 interchanges.”

In addition, Aces also offers heated storage units on its Twin Rail Drive lot for other car enthusiasts looking for a place to store their classic cars. The main building for the car dealership is also available Pete’s Taverna bar that replaced the Twin Rail Pub after longtime Chapin’s owners Scott and Dianne Breslar sold their property.

To check prices for current stock, visit the Aces Classic Cars website.

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