2023 Ford Mustang Carroll Shelby Centennial Edition is available now

  • Shelby American is producing a limited run of 100 Carroll Shelby Centennial Edition Ford Mustangs to celebrate Carroll Shelby’s 100th birthday this month.
  • Use of 2023 Ford Mustang GT As a base, the Centennial Edition honors its founder with a special emblem throughout the car, while power is boosted from the stock 450hp to an impressive 750hp.
  • All 100 of the limited Carroll Shelby Centennial Edition Mustangs were reserved for $49,995 in addition to the price of the car.

Shelby American is commemorating its founder’s 100th birthday in the Carroll Shelby way it can. That means a hot-rod version of the 2023 Mustang GT, boosted to 750 horsepower, barking exhaust out of the Borla exhaust system cat-back. Fittingly, Shelby American only plans to make 100 copies of the anniversary edition. Unfortunately, they’ve all sold out in the four days since a prototype was displayed in Gardena, California.

The Shelby American team isn’t too strict with this one. Want a fastback? Secure. convertible? You have it. manual gearbox? Sign here. Automatic transfer? If you say so. What it won’t stand for are out-of-stock Mustang colors, the Mach 1, or the California Special. As long as the badge says “GT” and the title says 2023, you’re basically in the clear.

Shelby American insists the upgrades are more than just a boost in horsepower. The front fenders are wider, the stock wheels have been replaced with 20 x 11 Shelby wheels and the stock rubber has been swapped out for 305/30/20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Performance tires for a lot more grip. The vented Shelby hood increases airflow while the Shelby Performance Radiator provides cooling. The suspension has been redesigned with powerful anti-roll bars and springs, as well as adjustable camber and caster plates. Additionally, donor cars that show up without the Ford Performance Pack will receive Performance Pack brakes for the front axle.

2023 Carroll Shelby Centennial Edition Mustang

Shelby American

Visually, Shelby American left no stone unturned. The Shelby name graces every wheel, upper grille, both door sills, floor mats, hood top, etc. Shelby’s hat silhouette is found in just as many places. Hood? To verify. headrests? To verify. badge on the back? You can bet on it. As if the Shelby wasn’t enough, the 100 customers who order quickly enough will also receive a special black Stetson hat and a copy of the Shelby Centennial Book published by Team Shelby. The package price started at $49,995, which does not include the price of a donor car. A fitting way to honor the late legend.


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