2024 BMW M3 CS unveiled with more power, less weight and big price

Now that the current generation BMW M3 and M4 The high-performance variants have officially been in full swing for several years. seen last year of the M4 CSL will be unveiledbut this year bmw adds the year 2024 M3 CS to set up.

“CS†stands for competitive sport, and if you already know the formula BMW CS models, this one keeps the trend. The 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six engine is massaged to produce 543 hp now, a 40 hp increase over a regular M3 competition. Torque output remains the same at 479 pound-feet. BMW says it found the extra power by increasing boost pressure from 24.7psi to 30.5psi. It also includes model-specific changes to the engine management software.

According to BMW, the CS has specially designed engine mounts for a more rigid connection between the engine and the vehicle structure. As a result, throttle inputs and the delivery of torque to the drivetrain should be sharper. The CS is only offered with all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission, both of which are necessary to make it the fastest M3 variant with a 0-60mph time of just 3.2 seconds. That’s 0.2 seconds faster than a Non-CS M3 Competition xDrive model. Top speed is 188 mph, making the CS 8 mph faster on the top end.

For those who want rear-wheel drive, the CS’s AWD system can be switched to a 2WD-only mode with stability control turned off. BMW also says it has tweaked the oil supply to the multi-plate clutch to keep the system operating at peak performance during hard-track rides. Bad luck for everyone who wants a manual transmission.

The chassis receives a few select upgrades for improved driving performance. BMW says it tuned the electronically controlled dampers and anti-roll bars specifically for the CS model. It also features unique wheel camber settings and model-specific axle kinematic tuning. The steering is tuned specifically for the CS, as are the calibrations for the stability control and AWD system. Michelin pilot Sport Cup2 tires can be fitted as a no-cost option, but conventional (unspecified for now) high-performance tires are available as a standard setup. The tires wrap standard forged wheels – 19-inch front and 20-inch rear – painted in either gold bronze or matte black. M carbon ceramic brakes are available, otherwise the standard brakes of the M3 Competition xDrive are installed.

BMW makes sure you know it’s a CS on the outside, with a unique kidney grille as seen in the picture the M4 CSL. This grille sports an “M3 CS” badge on the upper bars and brings red contour lines as a kind of frame around the outside. The daytime running lights illuminate amber as a nod Motorsports instead of the usual white light, just like the M5CS. Exposed carbon fiber Reinforced plastic (CFRP) is used for the bonnet (two stripes visible), roof, front splitter, front air intakes, mirror caps, rear apron and rear spoiler.

Shaving weight is part of what makes a CS product what it is. In addition to the exterior bits, BMW equips the CS with its M carbon bucket seats as standard. In addition, a titanium silencer is installed instead of the standard exhaust system. Overall, BMW says the M3 CS is 75 pounds lighter than a standard M3 Competition with xDrive, and that’s before you factor in additional potential savings from the carbon-ceramic brakes option.

The revealing color On the photos you can see an optional add-on called BMW Individual Signal Green. Frozen White Metallic is the only M3 CS Exclusive color on offer and the two complimentary paint options are Black Sapphire Metallic and Brooklyn Gray Metallic.

Inside, BMW offers individual upholstery in black Merino leather for the seats. It is accented with Mugello red details and decorative stitching. A red “CS” lettering is emblazoned on the center console, and “M3 CS” is also on the door sills. The M steering wheel is wrapped in Alcantara and features a red center marking. Carbon fiber paddle shifters are attached to it, and the interior trim continues the carbon fiber theme. Every M3 CS is equipped as standard with the M Drive Professional package – this supplements the M Drift Analyzer, the lap timing functionality and the 10-level traction control. Finally, the M3 Cs has the normal 3′ new 14.9-inch curved display and redesigned center console. It will run the revised iDrive 8 infotainment system that the 2023 M3 adds to the roster.

BMW says the M3 CS will be “built in limited numbers” but doesn’t specify how many will be produced in total. If you want one, it starts at $119,695, including the destination fee. That’s an additional $36,100 compared to a base M3 Competition xDrive. Production will start in March this year.

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