2024 Mercedes-Benz CLA gets new look, electrified powertrain

  • Mercedes revealed the 2024 CLA coupe Lineup previewing redesigned front and rear fascias, redesigned headlights, and new wheel options.
  • Peak power remains at 221 hp, but a newly electrified powertrain adds 13 hp to keep peak power lower in the range.
  • There’s no word on official pricing just yet, but Mercedes expects the new CLA to hit dealerships later in 2023.

Not quite ready to give the CLA a complete redesign, Mercedes is instead offering a slight facelift to please fans of the compact four-door. There is also a newly electrified powertrain. The 2024 model gets a 48-volt hybrid system to help with acceleration. At the lower end of the rev range, it adds an extra 13 horsepower boost. When braking and accelerating, the starter generator recuperates energy, which it then uses to supply the 12-volt vehicle electrical system and the 48-volt hybrid system with electrical energy. The system appears to function similarly to the hybrid system in the Mercedes AMG SL43which uses a belt-driven starter-generator to increase power at lower revs.

The look of the CLA is updated both front and rear, although the changes are minimal. The front apron gets a new shape, and the grille swaps its old speckled dot design for a Mercedes star-studded design. The biggest visual changes are redesigned headlights and taillights, dropping the lower portion of the daytime running lights. There are two new color options: Hyper Blue, exclusive to CLA models, and Starling Blue. Three new wheel designs also complement the range.

Inside the CLA, the standard display has grown with a 10.3-inch instrument cluster and a 10.3-inch touchscreen, both of which come with the latest MBUX infotainment system. One of the features is a choice of three gauge styles: the fully informative Classic version, a Sporty version with a dynamic tachometer, and the minimalist Discreet setting. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have both been added, and there are new trim levels with a choice of carbon, open-pore wood or an AMG-exclusive brown microfibre option. The move to the AMG line brings the number of interior upholstery options from three to five, adding two-tone color schemes into the mix.


The standard safety systems have also been updated, offering customers a park assist and mirror package. Mercedes hasn’t revealed pricing yet, but expects CLA models to arrive at US dealerships later in 2023.

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