2024 Mercedes GLC 43 coupe spied on corners near AMG headquarters

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a next-gen AMG-spec GLC coupe on the road. Hanging out in Afflerbach near Mercedes-AMG headquarters is a good way to catch camouflaged prototypes, and our patience paid off with some great shots of the upcoming AMG GLC 43.

the The standard GLC made its debut in 2022so it’s not a total mystery what the sportier coupé will look like total. Swirl wrap still hides detail front and back, mainly in the back where the sloped roof meets the rear fascia. Being an AMG model, additional details aren’t visible, although the Panamericana grille and AMG-specific intakes at the corner of the fascia are easy to spot.

It’s a similar story on the back. Look closely at the hitch area and you’ll spot a small diffuser hiding there. The rear apron is also slightly lower than others GLC coupe prototypes that we spotted. This helps pick up a slightly wider overall trail, and the oval quad exhaust tips confirm that this is the underperforming AMG GLC 43 model. Range-top AMGs feature square outlets.

Speaking of power, lower still means 402 hp (300 kilowatts) in this case. This will not be a six-cylinder engine, but the high-performance version of the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that is used in numerous Mercedes models today. It’s the same setup as found in the new AMG C43, which includes a 48-volt mild hybrid system to increase power and efficiency. It’s possible that Mercedes engineers will tweak the power levels a bit to match the GLC trim level hierarchy, but anything around 400bhp would place it comfortably between standard versions and that AMG GLC 63which should pack a 671 hp hybrid four-pot on its debut.

Will the GLC 43 arrive before the 63? Before either shows up, we first need to see the stock Mercedes-Benz GLC coupe. It’s possible the coupe and GLC 43 could be unveiled at the same time, but whichever comes first, everything should be camo-free by the end of this year. As such, we now believe the AMG GLC 43 will debut for the 2024 model year.

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