2024 Toyota C-HR speculatively rendered based on the Prologue concept

With its bold and futuristic styling, the C-HR doesn’t show its age even though the subcompact crossover has been around for six years. With the Prolog concept unveiled early last month, Toyota previewed the second-generation model, which is expected to go on sale sometime in 2024. A new rendering by an independent artist attempts to future-proof the B-segment model as a production version.

Already excluded for the USA, the new Toyota C-HR will once again stand out from the current mass of small crossovers with a daring exterior design. Sleek “C”-shaped headlights come together with wider taillights and a sportier roof spoiler for the funky little crossover.

Speculative rendering of the 2024 Toyota C-HR production version

Although the prolog had hidden rear door handles, they are visible here and mounted at the same level as those for the front doors. Since they’re installed on top of the C-pillar on the outgoing C-HR, Toyota will likely stick with unconventional door handles for the second-gen model. It remains to be seen whether the concept vehicle’s fold-out door handles will also be found on the road model.

The Japanese automaker has said the cabin will be roomier, hinting at a slightly stretched wheelbase with longer rear doors. Overall, however, the crossover will not necessarily be longer, as the overhangs will be shortened for the new model. Added normal mirrors to replace the prologue’s side cameras. Toyota has said that a three-tone finish is planned for the more expensive versions.

Aside from a visual makeover, the 2024 C-HR will also feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain, joining the already available self-charging hybrid. An all-electric model isn’t planned as the company is working on a separate subcompact crossover based on a dedicated EV platform for its Beyond Zero lineup.

When the premiere should take place, Toyota has only said that the prologue is a “vision of a car that will soon cause a stir on the streets across Europe”. This tells us that a debut could be slated for late 2023 or early 2024.

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