A 2023 electric sedan teased by Polestar, the Volvo maker (video)

The owner of North Star and Volvo Brands, Geely, is teasing a new electric sedan set to officially debut later this year.

Polestar and Volvo makers tease new electric sedan

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group or Geely as it’s commonly known, is a giant Chinese corporation with majority stakes in several prominent global automakers such as Volvo, Polestar and Lotus.

Geely also has several own brands such as ZEEKRa premium EV maker; and Geometry, its mass-market electric vehicle division, to name a few.

The company is expanding rapidly over 650,000 sold electrified passenger and commercial vehicles in 2022, accounting for 29% of its total sales. Perhaps, more importantly, several of its brands will become key contenders in the new EV era.

For example, Polestar achieved a total annual volume of 51,500, to reach the sales target of 50,000 vehicles global. Volvo’s share of all-electric vehicles has nearly tripled to 10.9% as the brand reached a significant inflection point.

Geely continues to expand its portfolio with new vehicles such as those recently introduced Electric pickup RD6, part of his outdoor-focused Radar Auto brand. It seems the automaker has another surprise up its sleeve.

According to a new video posted by CarNewsChinaGeely teases a new mysterious electric sedan.

Polestar Volvo electric vehicle
Geely electric sedan (Source: CarNewsChina)

The video shows a high-quality looking, sporty EV electric vehicle with a long hood, slim headlights and a sloping rear. The exterior vaguely resembles a combination of a longer one Tesla Model S and Lotus combination with a touch of Porsche, or maybe closer to that of the BYD seal.


Polestar, Volvo owner Geely teases 2023 electric sedan (Source: CarNewsChina)

Is it Polestar or maybe a Volvo EV? It’s not likely. At the end of the video, Geely announced a new line of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) that will remain under the Geely brand. The series is positioned in the middle to high-price segment.

According to the source, the new sedan will ride on Geely’s SEA platform, the same architecture used for Polestar, Zeekr and Lotus electric vehicles.

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