Acura no longer produces or sells cars in China

Acura, Honda’s premium Japanese brand, will no longer produce or sell cars in China. The information was officially released by the company’s local partner, Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC), which confirmed the closure of Acura in the People’s Republic

In a statement sent to Reuters, GAC said it will continue to provide after-sales services to Acura customers in the country and leverage its own dealer and service networks. Acura’s hiring in China will not affect Honda’s operations, which will continue to produce and sell vehicles under its agreement with GAC

Acura was originally introduced in China as early as 2016 and sales peaked in 2019 when a total of 14,701 cars were delivered to customers. We don’t have data for 2022 yet, but in 2021 the brand shipped just 6,554 cars in the country, down 45 percent from 2020. The only two Acuras available in China were the CDX and RDX SUVs, both of which were outsold by respective competitors the German premium brands

We heard for the first time that Acura might be leaving the Chinese market back in April last year, when the automaker sent a letter to its dealers and customers in the country to inform them of the impending closure of operations. It was reported at the time that Acura could return to China as new electrified and all-electric products launch, though there’s no update on that strategy

The future of Acura employees in the country is also unknown at the moment, although it was previously reported that they will be integrated into GAC Honda’s business. Acura isn’t the only foreign brand exiting the Chinese market, as Stellantis recently announced it was ending its joint venture with GAC produce and sell Jeep vehicles in the country. Some Jeep models will continue to be imported directly from Stellantis.

However, the future for Acura looks brighter in the United States. The automaker gives the new ZDX the finishing touches that were First teased late last year (see video below). The brand is currently evaluating the crossover in a real-world setting, and the full and official debut is coming later this year.

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