The world’s first ID. Buzz Electric Camper opens a new era of VW van life

At the same time was Winnebago shows one of the first potential all-electric American camper vans, the German brand Alpincamper showed the first fully converted Volkswagen ID. Buzz electric motorhome in the world. It happened at the same CMT show that brought us such novelties as the Spacecamper E-bike motorhome and Alpenkreuzhütte concept van. Alpine camper ID. The Buzz prototype hints at a promising future for tiny electric RVs, packaged in a compact, decentralized layout that offers plenty of convenience and capability without unnecessary weight or bulk.

Ever since Volkswagen first mentioned their own plans I WOULD. Buzz camper, the anticipation of ID. Buzz campers in general. Ququq introduced the very first ID. to hum camper product at last year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon to get it market shortly thereafter.

Ququq’s version of electric VW camping is a detachable camper-in-a-box kit, not a full-time conversion, making Alpincamper the first to show a full-time ID. Buzz camper. Alpincamper’s conversion isn’t as versatile as a detachable system like the Ququq, but its permanent installation seems to offer easier, more stealthy, and more comfortable camping.

At 471 cm (185 inches), the ID. The Buzz is significantly shorter than the Volkswagen Transporter and is closer to a pickup truck like that VW Caddy. So, camper conversions will look a little different than the well-known driver’s side kitchen / rear bed layout that’s still very popular lately VW T6.1 Transporter conversions.

Alpincamper uses the VW ID.  Buzz's limited space offers more headroom with a central pop-up roof panel
Alpincamper uses the VW ID. Buzz’s limited space offers more headroom with a central pop-up roof panel

Alpine camper

Alpincamper opted for a small van solution that we have seen planted a long sofa on the driver’s side opposite a kitchen block on the passenger’s side once or twice before. It opens up the interior for more comfort and in-vehicle mobility with a small, chimney-like pop-up roof designed to provide central standing space without the weight and complexity of a full-length pop-top. As there is no space for a bed on the roof, this mini pop-up limits the van to comfortably sleeping two campers on the queen bed, which converts from the couch.

Alpincamper divides the kitchen across the aisle, placing the sink and single-seat induction hob in the main block and a Dometic drawer fridge under the sofa. The all-electric equipment means there is no need for liquid gas to run kitchen appliances and complements the all-electric, emission-free technology of the ID. buzz yourself.

The main kitchen block includes a sink, induction hob, work area and under counter storage
The main kitchen block includes a sink, induction hob, work area and under counter storage

Alpine camper

The Alpincamper Buzz also includes storage cupboards and shelves. Mood ambient lighting provides warmth, while the checkered upholstery and sea foam green furniture add a retro vibe that evokes the rich history of the VW pop-top bus camper.

Alpincamper has the ID. Buzz Cargo in place of the passenger van, eliminating the need to remove a row of rear passenger seats. Two front seats seem sufficient as the Camper only sleeps two, but the Cargo comes standard with three seats and Alpincamper has left that alone, instead upgrading to the optional two-seat cabin. The Cargo’s 201 hp electric motor and 82 kWh battery combine to provide an estimated range of up to 425 km (WLTP).

For the time being, Alpincamper’s design is only a prototype and does not include an RRP. The ID The Buzz Cargo Van itself starts at €54,430 (about US$59,250) after VAT.

Source: Alpine camper about ADAC


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