Mercedes-AMG rules out another F1-powered hypercar due to emissions regulations

The One will remain a unicorn for AMG as Mercedes’ high-performance division will not develop another street-legal hypercar with the heart of an F1 car. That said Affalterbach’s head of vehicle development, Steffen Jastrow car sales there will be no direct successor to the Australian market launch of the C63 S due to stricter emissions regulations. After working on the car, he admitted that getting the One in line with the WLTP standard was difficult.

“I wouldn’t say we’ll never have a new hypercar, but there are no plans for that yet. But I think a hypercar based on the Formula 1 powertrain? I don’t think that’s a chance. I think if you want to have someone, not just AMG or the future Mercedeswho can put a Formula 1 engine in a production car, I think this is the one time – the one moment that we decided to do it.

with Euro 7 regulations come into force later this decade, the chances of seeing another F1-engined road car are slim to non-existent. Not surprisingly, Jastrow was far more optimistic about the prospects for an electric hypercar, saying it would be easier to certify a high-performance, zero-emissions machine for road use. As a refresher, AMG is no stranger to this concept, having built nine units of the quad-motor SLS AMG Electric Drive about a decade ago.

With the Vision AMG concept Unveiled last year, Mercedes offered a window into the future of electric performance. One of the three platforms the German brand is working on is AMG.EA for all-electric sports cars. It’s being developed from the ground up and aims to deliver “revolutionary powertrain technology,” according to AMG CEO Philipp Schiemer, who it will be dismount on the 1st of March.

AMG has now started production of the One and recently delivered the first car to a customer. Only 275 units will be made and they have long since sold out. It is the fastest road car on several key circuits including the Nordschleife, Hockenheim (Grand Prix circuit) and the Red Bull Ring.

The AMG One isn’t the only hypercar to rely heavily on F1-derived technology, as the Aston Martin Valkyrie was developed in partnership with Red Bull Racing. A radical dubbed version AMR Pro omits the license plate in order to exploit the vehicle’s full potential on a race track.


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