New APL McLaren HySpeed ​​sneakers from APL and McLaren

McLaren Automotive has further expanded its collaboration with Californian footwear brand APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) with three new versions of the APL McLaren HySpeed ​​sneakers. The partnership, which began in August 2022, has now been expanded to include three new color combinations: magenta/pristine, pristine/tan/midnight and a classic black/white mix.

(Image credit: McLaren Automotive/APL)

APL was founded in Los Angeles in 2009 by Adam and Ryan Goldston. Combining high-tech materials, technologies and contemporary design, its performance shoes remain at the forefront of the luxury fitness boom.

(Image credit: McLaren Automotive/APL)

APL’s collaboration with McLaren aims to draw explicit parallels between technology and performance – both companies were pioneers in their fields, with McLaren being one of the first adopters of carbon fiber construction and APL developing ultra-light midsole and outsole, as well as ultra-light soles with integrated compression springs, to cater to runners and athletes to give a dynamic boost.

APL McLaren HySpeed ​​sneakers and their automotive design cues

(Image credit: McLaren Automotive/APL)

The three new HySpeed ​​colorways are directly inspired by McLaren’s own design team, with the bright magenta meant to symbolize the cars’ “dynamic performance and driveability”, while the Pristine/Tan/Midnight mix “represents McLaren interiors and the French Riviera is inspired’.

(Image credit: McLaren Automotive/APL)

McLaren has always been pretty picky about its co-creators. The sports car manufacturer recently had a great one-off Cooperation with Hermesas well as a running one Partnership with Richard Mille. Other named partners include Bowers & Wilkins, which supplies audio systems for McLaren supercars, and luggage maker Tumi. The company’s current product range includes the new McLaren Artura and McLaren GTwith the production of the excellent 720S ended just last month.

(Image credit: McLaren Automotive/APL)

“Both McLaren and APL are leaders in their fields and committed to pushing the boundaries of design and technology to improve performance, which makes this collaboration such a perfect match,” says George Biggs, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of McLaren Automotive.

In an unlikely cultural cross-pollination, the California-based Goldston twins claim they were “inspired by the ‘Wizards of Woking'” and that the new sneakers are a “homage that brings with it unique blends of texture and color.” the HySpeed ​​range’.

(Image credit: McLaren Automotive/APL)

2023 APL McLaren HySpeed, £545 / $450 / €619.95


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