Aptera listens to customer feedback and makes DC fast charging the standard

Just days after releasing the specs of its Solar EV Launch Edition, Aptera Motors has retracted a previous comment saying its upcoming vehicles will not come with DC fast charging capabilities. Aptera has now let its community of loyal fans know it’s listening and has vowed to add the ability to charge via Tesla’s Supercharger network to all of its solar EVs, including the aforementioned Launch Edition.

During a livestream webinar on Friday, the Aptera team, including co-founders Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony, walked the public through the specifications of the startup’s unified, preconfigured system Launch Edition Solar EV.

While there was plenty to excite, including 400 miles of range, all-wheel drive and the potential to be the most aerodynamic production vehicle ever, there were a few points in the presentation that weren’t so encouraging.

For example, Launch Edition alone remains at least 12 months away, and Aptera’s co-founders, who shared the company, need an additional $50 million in capital just to hit the first gate of scaled production, while still having the requisite ones Tools and machines are needed.

While this isn’t the most stellar news to hear from a startup, the internet’s fury seemed much more focused on a simple tidbit that was left out of Aptera’s initial presentation — there was no mention of DC fast charging rates.

Of course, when the Aptera co-founders opened up the webinar for questions, one of the first to pop up was about DC fast charging. Fambro and Anthony explained that Aptera is still exploring the possibility of DC fast charging capabilities in the future and could certainly add them one day. However, they were certain that the feature would not be present in the Launch Edition. By gathering additional range from the sun, Aptera’s team said they didn’t think DC charging was necessary.

Well, the company’s following of potential customers and savvy EV enthusiasts thought otherwise.

How quickly that tune has changed at Aptera headquarters, as the solar EV specialist has shared that it hears your readers loud and clear and has made DC fast charging standard in all of its vehicles.

Check out the video below.

Aptera DC store
Source: YouTube/Aptera

Aptera is committed to DC charging, hoping Tesla will allow it

Since Friday’s introductory presentation, Aptera has followed suit a publication complete with its own YouTube video explaining that it will indeed be adding DC charging capabilities to its solar EVs. Here’s a blurb:

With our Launch Edition vehicles, we can offer between 40 and 60 kW DC fast charging. Once testing is complete we will provide an update on our maximum charge rates. We will also be working on a 100kW version that will be launched later. Our DC fast charging system is designed to work with the Super Charger Network. So if Tesla agrees to open its network to Aptera owners, your Launch Edition vehicle is ready to go. Tesla’s supercharging network has 60% more North American charging standard charging stations than all CCS-equipped networks combined, so it could be a big selling point for future Aptera owners

We have to give Aptera an A+ for taking customer feedback seriously and giving many EV enthusiasts what they want. If you remember, this is the same group of Aptera fans as over 40,000 signatures collected Asking Congress to get Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) to plug in the Go charger for all electric vehicles, including Aptera SEVs.

As a result, Aptera promised to manufacture Tesla’s NACS connector the standard on his vehicleswhich is why Friday’s news that DC fast charging wasn’t happening was particularly surprising to many those who have reservations. While future Aptera drivers will (hopefully) be able to get a decent range of Level 2 skills on the Tesla network, DC fast charging sounds a lot sweeter… and faster.

See the quote above? The last sentence is a big one.

Faster charging rates are one thing, but access to the world’s largest fast charging network means even more, especially for activities like camping and driving. It’s difficult to sell a solar EV that’s meant to someday drive 1,000 miles on a single charge but doesn’t give it access to Tesla superchargers. Per Aptera’s release:

Aptera was always meant to be a true road vehicle, and now with the fast-charging standard, we can’t wait to see where you take your Launch Edition vehicles.” We’re really impressed and motivated by all of you who are supporting Aptera. Together we will shift transportation towards solar sustainability through continuous innovation and improvements

Aptera’s next step will be Tesla’s official approval of its solar EVs to use their DC fast charging capabilities on the Supercharger network. Oh, and on the to-do list is all that additional $50 million funding just to get production started. Step by step!

For now, you can watch Aptera’s co-founders take their foot out of their mouths and explain how DC fast charging technology was developed and will be implemented in ALL solar EVs in the future.

are you all happy You probably should be. Could be a big win for Aptera (and Tesla) in the future.


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