Is this $13,999 1950 Studebaker champion a win?

Nice prize or no die 1950 Studebaker Champion

Aside from the fact that the instrument cluster is an overall cluster –She-knows-what today Good price or no dice It should be Studebaker ready for the road. Let’s see if this old school hot rod is well priced too.

While the market for BMW E30 has grown steadily over the past decade, particularly the M3 edition, Not They are all ready to board this crazy plane. This became clear both in the comments and in yesterday’s 70 percent no-die votes $11,500 1992 325i Convertible suffered. In her opinion, it just wasn’t nice enough – and had the wrong transmission – to charge that much.

To be completely transparent, today 1950 Studebaker Champion has an automatic like the E30 of yesterday. It’s also a red convertible. However, that is where the similarities end.

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Studebaker built the Champion from 1939 through the â€کmodel year 58, the car serving as the brand’s entry into the budget family car category. The initial release was a clean sheet design for what was fashionable at the time Streamlined body and an economical flathead six under the hood. The second generation had a slightly shortened model run due to a little thing called WWII, but its successor, introduced in 1947, was notable for being the first fully redesigned American post-war car.

This third edition is best remembered for two styling features; a wraparound rear window on the five-seater coupes and a bulbous spinner nose. Interestingly, this iconic nose only lasted two model years (1950 – 1951) with a more traditional grille treatment booking those years.

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As a 1950 model, this champion has the spinner nose. As a cabriolet, however, it swaps the wrap-around rear window for all-round open air. Removing the front bumper makes the nose of this car even more distinctive. This change is just one of many that turned this champion into a restoMod Hot Rod.

Another big change is behind this nose. There, the 80-hp flathead six was replaced by a small-block Chevy V8 of unspecified origin. Behind it is most likely a Turbo-Hyd with three gearsRamatic. According to the seller, the engine and transmission run smoothly. The power steering and brakes should also do their respective jobs without any problems.

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Otherwise there are a few problems with the car. The seller notes an older repaint and says it has some chips and such. There’s also the issue of some missing trim, most notably the trunk trim and license plate bracket. The spinner and headlight bezels were also painted silver, suggesting the chrome underneath might not be up to par.

The real problems are in the interior. There’s a bench seat from a more modern car waiting for butts, while the front dashboard awaits an instrument cluster of some (any) kind. The rest of the interior is extremely rough and needs flooring, something to disguise the naked shapeshifter and…well, pretty much everything else.

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On the plus side, the car runs and drives and looks about as simple as a bolt-on pick. The top seems to work and the car comes with all its glass and a clean title. However, no word is given in the ad as to whether it carries a current registration. Other parts (hopefully including this number plate bracket) are included in the trunk. The mileage is listed as 11,200 but the odometer is listed as defective (ie missing), which is not a particularly practical measure.

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All this makes this a work in progress Studebaker and one that the current owner appears unable or unwilling to continue with. However, one man’s junk can be another man’s treasure, huhÒ means a fresh set of wrenches and perhaps a visit to an upholstery shop under the auspices of a new owner. To that end, it costs $13,999.

What do you think of this resto mod Studebaker and the $13,999 price tag? Does that seem like a fair deal for a most assorted hot rod of a remarkably rare and interesting model? Or would this project need to be closer to the finish line for that much?

You decide!

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