Bentley will build two (2) cars to celebrate the 2020 Bathurst victory

A photo of the limited edition Bentley next to the race car that inspired it.

spot the difference
photo: Bentley

If you are in the market for a Limited Edition or Custom BentleyYou are spoiled for choice these days. The British outfit and its Mulliner customization have duty have produced some wonderful unique pieces and rarities in recent years. And Bentley turned to him for his next limited-edition project Bathurst victorious racing cars for inspiration. And yes, the carmaker only builds two of them.

Despite its strong reputation for luxury sedans and grand tourers, Bentley has a long history in motorsport. In 1919, the year the company was founded, he took part in his first race and has since won races in GT classes and endurance races – including Le Mans in 2003 his wonderful Speed ​​8 racer.

A photo of the two limited edition Bentleys at a race track.

Just the two of us.
photo: Bentley

Now, inspired by its recent victory at the Bathurst 12 Hours in Australia, Bentley has created two limited edition road cars influenced by its winning racers. The two models, designed by Studio Mulliner, based on Bentley’s new Continental GT S vehicleswhich premiered last year to showcase the brandhis sportier side.

The first car is inspired by the livery of the winning race car. ItThe exterior is finished in apple green with a contrasting black roof. Mirrors, lower bumper and lower trunk. In contrast, the second example is painted silver with the same black trim on the outside.

Each car also features a number 7 painted on the grille in honor of the winning car driven by Maxime Soulet, Jordan Pepper and Jules Gounon in Bathurst 2020.

A photo of a green Bentley sports car in a garage.

More cars should come in green.
photo: Bentley

Inside the car, the similarities with that Race-winning siblings end quickly. Instead of belts, bare metal and racing seats, the two limited edition Continentals are leather and stuffed Dinamica – each in black with apple green accents.

There are also references to the inspiration of the cars, with „Bathurst”. sewn in the headrests and the “One of Two” lettering on the door sills. Also hidden in the cabin is a small map of Bathurst circuit, along with the names of the three winning drivers.

You’ll also find a “framed commemorative artifact” in each car – no, we don’t know exactly what that means either – plus a cute little 1/18 scale model of the Bathurst winning car. Clean.

a photo of the black and green limited edition Bentley interior with a model car on the seat.

The car that inspired everything.
photo: Bentley

Unfortunately, the winning performance of Bentley’s GT3 car didn’t carry over to these two limited editions. Instead, both retain the same 4.0-liter V8 engine that you will find in the standard GT S. This unit produces 542 hpwhich is enough to accelerate the Continental to 100 km/h in just four seconds.


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