5 Best Budget Hitch Bike Rack Under 100: Budget-friendly hitch bike racks!

5 best budget hitch bike rack under 100

The hitch bike rack is the most robust and aerodynamic of the 3 existing types of bike rack, due to its rear position in the vehicle.

This type of bicycle rack has the advantage of being safe and reliable, and it is the only one that can transport electric bicycles.

The options, present in the latest models, make it possible to improve the user experience with, in particular, the presence of fixing arms, access ramps, the presence of the tilt function, etc.

Buying Guide For Best Budget Hitch Bike Rack

Buying Guide For Best Budget Hitch Bike Rack

There are many aspects to take into account when we are going to buy a ball hitch bicycle rack, but we highlight one above all others, it must be a quality product that guarantees safety in transport.


Any of the bicycle trailers that we have seen in this comparison perfectly grip the ball of the car. If you follow the step-by-step instructions, it is almost impossible for a bicycle or the bike rack itself to fly off due to a bad grip.

Remember to keep the lights visible at all times and signal the load with a V20 plate.


Another important point to keep in mind when you are going to buy a bike rack is to make sure you choose the model that fits your car perfectly. As we have already said before, not all vehicles have the same dimensions or types of hitch, so you must make sure by looking at the specifications of the hitch. The racks we have reviewed here are compatible with most hitches.

Number of bikes

You will not be the first or the last person to regret buying a bike rack that is too big or too small. Before buying your bike rack like crazy, you must make a forecast of what you will need in the short and medium-term. If you are hopelessly single, one of 2 bikes will suffice, but if you already have one or 2 children, you should opt for a 3 or 4 bike rack.


And here we come to the most delicate point of the comparison, you must be very clear that cheap is sometimes expensive. Bargains and Offers aside, the price of a product directly affects the quality and durability of the components. If you are going to give your bike rack intensive use, we recommend that you not scratch looking for the cheapest bike rack. On the other hand, if you are going to give it sporadic use, it is not necessary to buy the most TOP of the market, any of the models in this bike rack analysis will meet your expectations.

Compare with other bike racks

We are very fans of hitch bike racks, they allow you to travel without discomfort and save money. Saving? YES, as it is installed in the rear of the car, the friction will be less and you will notice considerable fuel savings compared to other bike racks such as the roof rack.

Before choosing your bike rack model, it is important to look at the roof or tailgate ones. Depending on your needs, one or the other may interest you:

  • Rooftop bike rack: this is the cheapest and easiest option to store. The roof racks are compatible with most vehicles and bicycles. You will need to have a car roof rack installed as the bikes will travel on the roof. Therein lies the problem, consumption increases, noise increases and you have to be very attentive when you enter low tunnels or garages.
  • Tailgate bike racks: they are the most common, an intermediate point between ball and roof bike racks. Its biggest handicap is that there are many models and not all of them are compatible with your car, it could almost be said that there are as many tailgate racks as there are vehicles on the market. In addition, you will need accessories such as the V20 plate, lights, license plate holder, protection foams. Add up costs and it will be just as expensive as a hitch bike rack.
  • Car hitch bike rack: there is no model that competes with them in terms of safety, comfort, stability.

5 Best Budget Hitch Bike Rack Under 100

If you read these guide carefully, Then you will not face any problem when choosing the best budget hitch bike rack.

But if you want to go with an easier way then we have listed the 5 best budget hitch bike rack. Because we have included all the things in our research.

1. Allen Sports 4

The Allen Sports 542RR Deluxe Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier is the ideal choice for taking your bikes on road trips. It is easy to assemble and you can easily carry up to four bicycles. Your bikes are held in place by the patented base binding system. This towbar rack can be tilted back for easy access to the liftgate.

This Allen bike rack has a black finish with powder paint that protects it from all kinds of weather conditions. With folding carrying arms, this 4-inch carrier for 2-inch receiver towbars can be easily stored as it does not take up much space.

I’m extremely happy with this bike rack – and not just the bike rack, but the company as well.

First of all, the bike rack is well made and reasonably priced. He did a very good job transporting 4 family bikes, two bikes for adults and two bikes for children. This is actually more difficult than loading 4 adult bikes due to their size differences.

Also, when it is properly mounted on your towbar, it does not ring at all. Those who complained about rattling obviously did not tighten the locking mechanism properly according to the instructions.

When you do, the grill pulls a wedge on the main shaft that prevents cracking. I did not crash during an 800-mile journey. The built-in towbar pin with spring means that there is no towbar pin for loss, another advantage.

The ability to fold down the grille without removing the bikes allows you to open the rear of your vehicle. But you will need a second person to help you. You need to raise the grille slightly forward at the same time as you pull the latch. My hands (I am 6’3 “) were not far enough.

As for the company, the next day I received the bike rack, and less than a week before I went on vacation, I lost the keys that allow you to lock the grill on your towbar.

I called the US-based customer support department in Ohio and asked them for the cost to quickly send me a new set of keys. They sent me a new set of first-class mail the next day free of charge. Try it with one of the foreign knock-offs!

Allen Sports 4
Allen Sports 4 - Price checking button


  • Easy and quick attachment
  • 2-inch hitch receiver
  • Snapping action, double cradles
  • Tie-downs, no-wobble bolts
  • Internal tilt-away release


  • Bikes are spaced closely together; high potential for damage
  • Lengthy loading process with 2+ bikes

2. MaxxHaul (70210)

This 4 bike rack is specially designed for families or large bike trips as it can handle four bikes at a time. It is easy to use, with the swing down feature that makes fastening bicycles to the rack simple and fast. This is suitable for most family cars, although it cannot be used in an RV.

This bicycle rack is made of rigid steel that is durable and long-lasting. The bicycle base is adjustable with hook and loop straps that make it suitable for bicycles of all sizes. They are incredibly heavy type, making it a bike rack of exceptional value.

MaxxHaul (70210)
MaxxHaul (70210) - Price checking button


  • Great capacity
  • Adjustable closure
  • Easy to use
  • Durable bike rack
  • Good value


  • Not compatible with all vehicles

3. Retrospec Lenox

Retrospec Lenox Hitch Carrier is a bicycle rack that is more than simple, it is simple. Comes with two sets of bike straps in the most basic option, the grill is the one you should choose when you want to save even more than what most budget-friendly options can really offer.

As a tow rack of value, this has the quality of construction of a grill that is much more expensive. The steel construction and paint survive the typical use and abuse that accompanies the transport of long-distance bicycles in the back of a car. The use is also quite simple.

The supplied accessories, especially the elastic straps, do not have the same build quality as the frame itself. The straps start to wear out and crack after a few uses, so be prepared to replace them if you decide to use this option.

Retrospec Lenox
Retrospec Lenox - Price checking button


  • Developed out of tough steel
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to store
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only holds up to 40lb per bike

4. MAXXHAUL 50025

The MaxxHaul Hitch Mount 2-Bike Rack is ideal for trucks, RVs, SUVs, trucks and sedans with towbar. It can be easily installed in a few minutes.

The support arms with improved bicycle cradles and buckle straps securely lock and carry up to two bicycles (total weight limit 100 lb). Improved durable towbar adapter from all steel.

The built-in locking knob keeps the main upright sturdy to reduce swing during transport. The all-steel towbar adapter allows this bike rack to be mounted on 1-1 / 4 “or 2” towbar receivers.

This is a mighty mountain. I especially like the threaded pin to attach it to the receiver. Yes, you need a wrench to fully tighten it, but when you do, there is NO movement at this point of contact. This pulls the shelf STRONGLY on one side of the receiver, it also means that someone will need tools to steal it.

The fold function works perfectly. It also has a screw to tighten this connection. This does not require tools. Again, no movement when it is safe. It allows me to quickly lower it to open the luggage compartment door in my truck. Even with a bike on the shelf.

The straps need to be passed through the buckles each time to secure the bike, but I trust this connection better than a quick disconnect. I’m very happy with this carrier and would buy it again. Plus, the price is right!

MAXXHAUL 50025 - Price checking button


  • It’s relatively lightweight
  • Yet sturdy
  • Very easy to get onto the hitch of my car
  • Great for the money


  • Doesn’t work for smaller bikes

5. AA Products 3 Bike Rack

Heavy-duty bicycle rack made of steel tube with powder paint that can hold bicycles up to 120 pounds.

This truck bicycle rack stand is designed to carry 3 bicycles, fits 2 inches

The Swing down feature allows easy access to the rear of vehicles. Move hands FOLD QUICKLY when bicycle racks are not in use.

This bicycle trunk support rack has 2 sets of rubber rubber straps and clamping features to safely take your bikes out for adventures.

Easy installation, can be set up in seconds.

AA Products 3 Bike Rack
AA Products 3 Bike Rack - Price checking button


  • Sturdy Rack
  • Easy install
  • well built


  • Some problem on pieces fitting

FAQ: Best Budget Hitch Bike Rack

There are many questions from people related to best budget hitch bike rack. But don’t worry, we have the answers! So, here we are answering some important questions.

FAQ: Best Budget Hitch Bike Rack
How to use hitch bike rack?

The first thing you should do is mount the bikes according to the size that the trailer supports. At this point you must hold them tight so they do not move on the road. If your bike rack has straps for the wheels and keys or security locks, do not hesitate to use them, because that way your bikes will be more stable.

Also, after using the bicycle rack, we advise you to carry out its respective maintenance, because, even if you do not train cycling in the mountains, the wheels of the bicycle always fill a little dirt. These are the ones that are sure to make the trailer dirtier. To clean the bike rack, use a special liquid for cleaning metals and a soft cloth, so that you extend its useful life.

How to install a hitch bike rack?

This type of bicycle rack is mounted on the rear ball of the car, but, if your vehicle does not have it, you must go to a specialized workshop where it will be installed. After installing the ball it is good that you inform the insurance, so that they take it into account, because it is an important change that you make to your car.

When you have installed the ball, it will be easier what follows, the assembly of the trailer. To do this, with the help of another person, raise the trailer and place the hole in the ball. Next, secure the trailer with the lever, nut, or whatever restraint you have. Finally, close with the key or the security padlock, so that your bike rack is protected at all times.

What marking should a hitch bike rack have?

The recommended thing for any part of the world is that the bicycle rack has flashing lights, brake and reverse, the whole complete package. That is, you must have the pilots, since the bicycles and the trailer itself cover the taillights of your car, being a very dangerous fact.

On the other hand, there are some trailers that have a material that glows when the cars behind it shine on it. This is of great help if a bulb or LED light of the pilots fails.

Why is my hitch bike rack moving?

Your ball hitch rack may move because you have not adjusted it with enough clamping force. Check the nut or lever that connects the trailer to the ball to determine if it needs to be secured a little more. Sometimes bike racks have two restraint systems, one right on the ball and one further under it, to prevent the trailer from turning sideways when you’re driving the car. In this way, you will have to check that both systems have the proper pressure.

Another reason this happens is that you have put too much weight on the trailer, so check this and disassemble a bike if necessary.

What is the capacity of a hitch bike rack?

The capacity of the hitch bike rack depends on the quality of the materials with which it is made and the number of bike lanes it has. If it is for 3 or 4 bicycles, the most logical thing is that it supports more weight, approximately 65 Kg. On the other hand, a trailer for 1 or 2 bicycles supports approximately 35 Kg.

If you take a trip in the car and you see that the trailer has been lowered a bit, maybe it is because you have exceeded the capacity, so do not ride bikes with more weight than the manufacturer recommends.

Which is better, ball or roof bike rack?

If your car has two rear doors, a hitch bike rack may prevent you from opening them halfway to store or remove your things. On the other hand, if you use a roof bike rack, you can open the rear doors without problems. The disadvantage of this type of bicycle rack is that they can complicate the entry of the car in some parking lots or garages, due to the height.

For their part, hitch bike racks complicate driving a bit when backing up in the car, since the vehicle has been lengthened. However, with time you will get used to it, so any type of bike rack could be useful.

How much weight can a hitch bike rack support?

Sometimes you do not have how to weigh your bicycles at home and when mounted on the ball trailer they may exceed what it supports. Therefore, try not to mount all the bikes on the first transfer by car, unless you go to a bicycle workshop and get the weight of your bike model. This is because most trailers have a maximum weight of approximately 70 kg and if you exceed it, the bike rack could be disassembled on the road.

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