BMW design boss says more kidney grille changes are planned for each model

With the i Vision Dee, unveiled last week at CES in Las Vegas, BMW previewed a new design language that will premiere in 2025 with an electric vehicle based on the New Class platform. Inside and out, the concept featured an intentionally oversimplified design and a fresh take on the corporate front grille. In conversation with BMW BLOGannounced the head of design of the Bavarian brand that the kidneys are evolving and further diversification is planned.

Adrian van Hooydonk said the front grille will be tailored to each vehicle to better distinguish models. When asked if the company regretted the current design given the controversy M3/M4, BMW Group Design Director said:

“We knew people would talk because of course we know when we’re going to change something. We also know that getting people to talk isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It would be bad if people talked but didn’t buy. But they talk and buy, then you’re still on the right page.”

During the same interview, Adrian van Hooydonk said future BMWs will have less conventional buttons. However, the decision to reduce costs was not made because the money would be invested elsewhere, so there were no financial gains. Additionally, reducing interior complexity helps the company in its quest to increase the recyclability of its vehicles.

While many of the features on the i see dee are purely conceptual, the CES 2023 show car previewed a next-generation head-up display. Additionally, Adrian van Hooydonk hinted that the colour-changing livery is more than just a wild idea: “So it’s like a snap – you dream it, you visualize it, you build it… nobody wants to see concepts that maybe are in ten Years may not affect my life anymore, it has to go faster.”

BMW intends to investigate 3.0 CSL with more bodywork projects, and the design chief didn’t rule out the possibility of making one based on an electric car. Van Hooydonk said the ultra-exclusive coupe was a dream come true for him and the M division celebrated its 50th birthdayth th anniversary in 2022, it was the right time to make this happen. As part of the same BMW Group, Rolls-Royce has also worked on bespoke products such as the Boat Tail and Sweptail.

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