Vorsteiner BMW M3 and M4 GTS-V series

You’re probably tired of hearing about it large grille design on the BMW M3 and M4. The criticism has been uninterrupted since its release and I know I play a big part in it. However, much of the criticism is valid and shared by the enthusiast community. So much so that tuning companies began to “fix” it with new grille-bumper combinations. The latest is Vorsteinerwhose parts of the GTS-V series completely change the front end of both the M3 and the M4.

“As we enter 2023 and celebrate our 19th anniversary, I am delighted to finally launch the GTS-V lineup for the current M3 and M4, stretching back to the E92 M3 generation where we launched this series customers have developed for more extreme performance,” says Peter Nam, Founder of Vorsteiner.

New kidney grille

bmw m3 g80 gts v vorsteiner 01 830x830

The redesigned front comes with new kidney grilles and a completely new bumper. fans of the BMW 3.0 CSL Homage Concept will like this new design a lot as the new Vorsteiner kidneys are a similar size. In the eyes of this humble auto writer, Vorsteiner grilles look a lot better than the stock ones and are worth buying. It’s also worth nothing that they’re made out of carbon fiber. The bonnet has also been redesigned and remains true to the lightweight construction philosophy and is now made of carbon fibre. The hood is priced at $5,495.

The new bumper has all the holes. Designed for aerodynamics and cooling more than anything else, the Vorsteiner bumper features a ton of open channels. Even the hood has vents to cool the engine. So its shape has a lot of function, and the Vorsteiner kit isn’t just about looking cool. Although it makes the M4 look a lot cooler.

bmw m3 g80 gts v vorsteiner 03 830x830

If you want Vorsteiner’s frontend redesign, it’s going to cost you. You have to pay $4,895 for the front bumper, while the carbon fiber motorsport grill costs $1,295. A steep price, but then again, it’s hard to price beauty. Vorsteiner’s redesign drastically changes the look of the car for the better, making it look like an exciting BMW rather than a cartoonish attempt to build an aggressive car. In addition, M3 and M4 are already expensive. If you can afford one of these, you can probably afford to make it look right. You can check out the full M3/M4 upgrades at Vorsteiner.

(Photos: Vorsteiner)


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