BMW updates the interior of the 4 Series and adds crystal lights to the X7

bmw has just released a news brief with a variety of updates to its lineup coming spring of this year. They range from a tech interior refresh for the 4 Series to some extra shiny exterior lights in the grand scheme of things X7.

Start with the 4th and M4According to BMW, these models will be offered with its “Curved Display” in March 2023 iDrive 8. This requires a complete change to the center stack and means it’s now similar to this refreshed BMW 3 Series 2023. The new screen layout consists of a 14.9-inch center infotainment display and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster – it will be the standard and only option. Other changes to the 4 Series at this point include the standardization of Shadowline window trim and the addition of aluminum rhombus to the interior trim options. Specific to the M4the instrument panel will be new in Sensatec, and new M-Design graphics will be available as an option for the hood and trunk lid.

the BMW X7 adds a crystal headlight option to the list of available extras. The crystal headlights – first revealed in the electric BMW i7 (Pictured below) and officially called Iconic Glow – consist of Swarovski crystals positioned at the top of the lights, which are then backlit by LEDs. They have quite a striking and mesmerizing look both under direct sunlight and at night when illuminated by the LEDs.

Beyond the lighting change, BMW is adding its Remote Parking Assistant Professional to the list of options for the X7. This applies to the 7 and iX, to. With the parking tech, you can guide your car into and out of parking spaces using the My BMW app with an iPhone. If you have to park in such a small space (like a cramped garage) that opening the door is a hazard, you can remotely control your car to squeeze in.

Another notable change for the BMW iX is the addition of a manually activated preconditioning function. Instead of having to set in-car navigation to a chargeryou can now simply tell the iX via the infotainment system that you are driving up to one and the car will start battery Conditioning to ensure maximum loading speeds are possible when you arrive. This will make life a lot easier for people who might prefer to use Google Maps (or other smartphone-based maps) for navigation purposes. The latest update for the iX is the addition of a trailer assistant. If you have a trailer connected, you can use the iDrive rotary knob control automatically steer the trailer in the direction you want it to go to make reversing easier.

If you’re buying an electric BMW, you’ll also be pleased to know that, starting this spring, the charging cable that comes with the car will be upgraded to support 22kW AC charging, which is twice as fast as the current charging cable , which comes with BMW electric vehicles. Of course, you need a charging station that supports this high-power charging to take advantage of it.

The final updates concern details The digital key from BMW Technology in that people with some Samsung phones will now see their cars unlock automatically as they approach. You need a phone with the latest software equipped with the ultra-wideband chip required for the technology to work.

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