Car sharing or rental car: what to choose on vacation?

During the holiday season, when many people go on vacation to other regions, the question often arises: what is more convenient to use locally – car sharing or vintage car rental? This, as well as the pros and cons of both, auto experts said.

Car rental and carsharing are two popular services that tourists can use at resorts around the world. Rent is a fairly well-known service that has long established itself and is available in all major cities, including popular holiday destinations. And if you find yourself in the United Arab Emirates, your eyes will widen at the number of car rental companies offering rental cars of different classes, from luxury to more economical models. Sure you can Rent a convertible in Dubaia stunning Lamborghini or a family minivan.

Car sharing is also quite well developed everywhere – it is already present in almost all megacities and health resorts.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of each service.

The usual car rental is an advantage if you rent a car for a day or longer. That’s what the car experts say.

The advantages are:

  • The advantages of car rental are comfort, cleanliness and good technical condition of the car. The rental car will be handed over to you clean and with a full tank at the right time. You don’t have to look for it.
  • If you are traveling with children, the rental car can be equipped with a child seat according to the age of your child. You also have the option to rent additional equipment (car fridge, navigator, etc.)
  • You can choose any car. You can find offers that will satisfy the most demanding customer (e.g. rent a classic car).
  • Car rental companies have various insurance and liability options. You can choose what suits you.
  • With a rental car you can travel a lot without having to think about distance and mileage.
  • In general, renting gives the driver more freedom, relaxation and psychological comfort. Eliminates the mental arithmetic of how many minutes have already accumulated.

An advantage and at the same time a disadvantage for someone of car sharing can be clear conditions for using the service.

Its advantages are here:

  • With car sharing you can rent a car by the minute. You can take it as long as you need. At least 10 minutes from the beach to the hotel.
  • There is no tie to a specific office or parking lot. You can take the car that is closest to you all over in the city and leave it in a convenient place if provided for in the terms of a particular company.
  • Do not waste time with the contract process, booking a car only takes a few minutes. The car sharing service is issued through a special application, all documents are sent to the company online. The card is linked to the application, which automatically deducts the travel expenses from it.

In summary, the customers of carsharing and rental companies are a bit different. The former are usually not tied to a specific car: Having found the car closest to them through the smartphone service, they leave it where they arrived right after the trip and strictly pay for the time used per minute. But the renters are already tied to the car they took for a more or less long period of time (e.g. a day or more).

If you are light and know your route well, carsharing will most likely cost you less. But if you need transportation for a long time, then, of course, car rental is more relevant for you. Even if you only need a car for a day, a classic car rental is cheaper. If you need a car for an hour, then of course you have the option of car sharing.


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