Carvana settles dispute with Illinois after having its dealership license revoked twice

photo: Joe Radle (Getty Images)

Once again, Carvana is full back in business in Illinois. The online used-car dealership and the state have agreed to settle a long-running regulatory dispute, and do it now Carvana can work in Country of Lincoln with good conscience.

Automotive News reports that the retailer has admitted to violating Illinois state law and has agreed to comply with new restrictions. If Carvana slips (what it was known of in the past) and violates the Agreement or state law, the Illinois Secretary of State has the authority to suspend and revoke Carvana’s dealer license a third time.

“Carvana’s admission demonstrates what we have always known: that Carvana broke the law in a way that was detrimental to Illinois customers,” Illinois Secretary of State Alex Giannoulia said in a statement.

The used car dealer’s dealership license has already been suspended and restricted twice by Illinois due to vehicle registration and designation issues that arose in 2022 car news, The license was first suspended on May 10, 2022 by the Illinois Secretary of State. they claimed Carvana failed to properly transfer ownership of the vehicles sold and improperly issued out-of-state temporary registration permits. Both are absolutely taboo in the eyes of Illinois law.

The outlet reports that the state maintained that initial May 10 suspension on May 26. However, Illinois suspended Carvana’s license again on July 18. Carvana then sought a restraining order against the secretary of state, which was granted by an Illinois judge in late July. Since then, Carvana has reportedly been allowed to sell vehicles with some restrictions and has been required to title vehicles through Illinois remitters — third-party companies licensed in the state to handle title transactions.

All of this began when the Secretary of State’s Police Department began investigating Carvana’s shady business practices a few months earlier in February 2022. It began after receiving numerous consumer complaints about its registration and title practices and how up-to-date they were.

In Carvana’s own statement, the retailer said it would continue to sell vehicles to Illinois residents, either through its website or through its not-at-all-dumb vending machine in Oak Brook, a suburb of Chicago.


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