The gullwing PT Cruiser is a wheelchair-friendly minivan alternative

When it comes to wing doors, there are names that will automatically come up in conversation. The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL will probably be the first nameplate that comes to mind, while the DMC DeLorean from Back to the Future Fame would be a close second. The Tesla Model X and a number of supercars and exotics from Europe would top the list of modern gullwing vehicles

However, the Chrysler PT Cruiser will not be part of this discussion. Well, not unless they see this – a 2003 PT Cruiser with a huge rear gullwing door currently listed for sale on craigslist.

As odd as that may sound, this gullwing conversion actually makes a lot of sense — at least for all its intent and purposes. Because this PT Cruiser has been converted into a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. His passenger seat can roll in and out of the car via a built-in, hydraulically-assisted ramp.

Only the right side received a gullwing door conversion, which is also hydraulically supported. As you can see there is so much clearance horizontally and vertically allowing for easier entry and exit. Note that the wheelchair is tied down with four straps.

As previously mentioned, the rebuilt PT Cruiser is currently on sale Martinsburg Craigslist. It’s priced at $8,000, although the listing said that amount is negotiable. It currently has 52,132 miles on the clock with the timing belt, water pump and upper and lower engine mounts being replaced at 51,528 miles. New taillights and battery were installed just last year. The external condition is not the best; The seller specifically declared some rust on the hinges of the wing door.

Then again something for wheelchair users minibus Alternative can buy for $ 8,000? If you are in the market for a vehicle to use with your disabled loved one, this is a very affordable purchase.


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