On wheels: two custom Ducati monsters from the deBolex dB25 series

Custom Ducati Monster 1200 by deBolex Engineering
It takes a a healthy dose of skill and talent to successfully run a custom motorcycle workshop. But even some of the industry’s top stores often outsource specialized tasks — particularly things like upholstery and paint. Those who can handle every last job in-house are a rare breed.

de Bolex Engineering belongs to these ranks. Calum Pryce-Tidd and Des Francis’ team is currently busy creating examples of theirs Ducati monster 1200 based dB25 series bikes for customers. Each bike is tailored for its owner, with everything from the carbon fiber work to the seat trim happening in the English workshop.

Custom Ducati Monster 1200 by deBolex Engineering
the dB25 series is a move by deBolex to offer its signature timeless style and quality finishes at a slightly reduced cost and with a faster turnaround. But it took some work to get the series off the ground. The guys originally built an aluminum body prototype and then used it to build jigs and tooling to replicate the work in carbon fiber.

Calum and Des are now taking about three months to create a dB25 build. They start by making the 22 carbon fiber body panels that adorn the Ducati Monster 1200 donor bike, then perform a “drywall” to verify the final fit. Finally, the Ducati is stripped for painting and decorating.

Custom Ducati Monster 1200 by deBolex Engineering
These two bikes are numbers six and seven in the 25-unit series. Per the dB25 design, they share the same carbon body kit, polymer fuel cell, CNC machined subframe and a plethora of smaller laser cut and CNC machined parts. But their datasheets deviate from there.

‘No6’ (below) shines in blue and is specified as a clean and stylish runner. It sports its original forks and wheels, anodized black and gold respectively, with a new Maxton shock at the rear.

Custom Ducati Monster 1200 by deBolex Engineering
The engine has been treated with a K&N air filter, with a titanium SC-Project exhaust that the owner’s neighbors are sure to hate. It was also tuned via an UpMap ECU chip.

The cockpit carries a CNC-milled fork bridge with clip-ons from Gilles Tooling. deBolex repurposed the OEM speedo and switches, but the interchangeable bar ends and bar end mirrors (not shown) are Rizoma parts. No6 is also outfitted with Magura brake and clutch master cylinders, Motogadget turn signals and a full range of Pro-Bolt stainless steel fasteners.

Custom Ducati Monster 1200 by deBolex Engineering
Fine finishes are a deBolex trademark – and the easiest way for any customer to personalize their dB25. No6 looks particularly tasteful, with Alfa Romeo ‘Bluette’ color on the body and main frame and taupe stripes to match the Alcantara seat. The fairing’s nose cone and air intakes are orange and inspired by the BRM Formula 1 cars of the ’60s.

The new aluminum subframe is Cerakoted, along with a number of smaller parts (it’s the only job deBolex outsources). Each dB25 also features deBolex’s signature OEM-style seat locking system, guaranteeing quick access to the electronic bits.

Custom Ducati Monster 1200 by deBolex Engineering
However, it’s not just their paintwork that sets these two bikes apart. ‘No7’ (above) has a wild parts spec to match its fiery paint job.

It rolls on BST carbon fiber wheels, with new Maxton suspension components at both ends. There’s also a Toby steering damper, and its Brembo calipers grip upgraded Brembo Serie Oro discs. “Everyone sings and dances, as my father would say,†jokes Calum.

Custom Ducati Monster 1200 by deBolex Engineering
No7’s engine was also treated with a K&N filter, UpMap performance tuning and a titanium SC Project exhaust system. But it also comes with a new throttle body spacer and a Translogic quick shifter. There’s a full set of Pro-Bolt fasteners here too, but these are all titanium.

Like No6, No7 is outfitted with Magura controls and a few Rizoma parts, with a gas cap and footpegs from the Italian parts maker.

Custom Ducati Monster 1200 by deBolex Engineering
The main color of No7 is ‘Rosso Dino’ – a color scheme of the 1960’s Ferrari Dino, named after Enzo Ferrari’s son. As a tribute to this, deBolex also painted the “Dino” logo on the tail section. The light blue stripe and Alcantara seat were also inspired by early Ferraris.

Additional Cerakote finishes on this dB25 include the engine covers and swingarm with white accents throughout the body. Both No6 and No7 were sold with colour-coordinated paddock stands, and No7 even has a matching helmet.

Custom Ducati Monster 1200 by deBolex Engineering
There’s no rest for Calum and Des though – they’ve already booked the next three dB25 builds, each one heading to a different country. Given how well #6 and #7 have turned out, is it really surprising that they’re busy?

de Bolex Engineering | Facebook | Instagram | Photo of Simon Jessop

Custom Ducati Monster 1200 by deBolex Engineering


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