Working Class Hero: A custom built Honda NX650 Dominator from Budapest

Lots of Honda Dominators Customs uses the same template. Swap out the fuel tank for something slimmer, trim the subframe and you’re halfway there. But there is another way; Lean into the Dominator’s adventure bike DNA to build a utility bike scramblers.

That’s the path Hungarian workshop Neuga took with this 1994 Honda NX650 Dominator. Wrapped in muted finishes and with an imposing stance, it looks like a retro Baja 1000 race bike – albeit with a touch of sophistication.

“This construction was an in-house project for one of our crew members,†says Benedek Eszteri, founder of Neuga. “It took about six months from demolition to completion. The idea was to have a bike that was as trustworthy as possible – and we couldn’t think of a better donor than a Dominator.”

“The dispenser was in good condition but it was completely torn up, measured and rebuilt replacing everything that showed even slight signs of wear. We wanted a double headlight and some carbon – that was the basic idea. Everything else took shape during the project… it was kind of freestyle.”

Neuga went deep and started with a full engine rebuild. And we mean really full – there isn’t a single component that hasn’t been replaced or refurbished. It also looks brand new from the outside with a fresh coat of heat resistant black paint punctuated by the polished fins and engine covers.

The guys also built the custom two-into-one stainless steel exhaust system (the single-cylinder Dominator has two outlets). It ends in a classic Supertrapp silencer.

Equal attention was paid to the chassis and running gear of the Dominator. Neuga kept the OEM forks but rebuilt them with new springs and then reinstalled them with new steerer neck bearings. The rear shock was replaced with a new YSS unit.

The wheels and brakes are stock but look brand new. Every last bearing and seal has been replaced, every fastener has been cleaned and freshly galvanized, and every black component has been stripped and recoated. Neuga also rewired the bike and upgraded the brake hoses with Goodridge lines.

Custom Honda NX650 Dominator by Neuga
The body of the Honda is a mix of stock, modified, scalped and custom parts. Neuga kept the stock 4.2 gallon fuel tank so this build would not suffer from a range penalty. They then took the OEM front fairing and trimmed it down to just two “wings” to visually round off the front of the fuel tank.

For the seat, they started with the pantry—then they trimmed it, added gel inserts for a better ride, and reupholstered. An illustration is embroidered on each side of the new seat cover; The left side represents the owner’s favorite surf spot and the right side represents the owner’s favorite BMX track.

Under the seat sits a set of custom body panels, hand-molded from carbon fiber; “Not that it saves much weight,†jokes Benedek. The rear is rounded off with a bolt-on license plate bracket and a custom-made luggage rack. Under the rear lip is an LED taillight flanked by subtle LED turn signals.

The entire Neuga team is crazy about BMX, so they are currently working on a detachable BMX rack for the backend as well. At the moment, Dominator owners are content with simply laying their BMX flat on the rack and tying it down.

Up front is the complete headlight cluster of a Honda XR250 Baja – an arrangement that places two lights in a sort of “roll cage”. Neuga renovated it before adapting it to the Dominator. A plastic fender from a Kawasaki KLX dirt bike sits directly underneath.

The team took advantage of the extra space offered by the chunky headlights and created a carbon fiber dashboard to sit on top. It houses a pair of Daytona gauges, a couple of custom switches, and a charge port. The mirrors and indicators are Motogadget items, while the handlebars are Renthal.

Neuga also paid attention to the little things. The brake and clutch levers are ASV parts but have been modified to accept the stock brake fluid reservoir and choke lever. There is also a custom carbon fiber sprocket cover below.

The final color scheme reinforces the functional vibe of the Honda. Neuga stuck to a warm gray for the tank and its side panels, broken only by a pair of oversized Honda wings. Gold rims reference the Dominator’s original design.

Shodded with Continental’s evergreen TKC80 dual-sport tires, this Dominator looks ready for anything. From navigating the streets of Budapest to finding new BMX spots, we’re sure it will rack up plenty of miles.

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