Daimler Truck is planning a new parts center

Daimler Truck is building a new logistics center in Halberstadt, Saxony-Anhalt – the Global Parts Center.

Future parts deliveries will be made from this central location, eliminating additional transport routes and reducing the time to parts availability. The system is designed to meet customer requirements and regional dealers can be supplied directly or, if necessary, pick up parts themselves.

The new logistics center will deliver up to 300,000 different items to 3,000 retailers in 170 countries. Thanks to the storage and conveyor technology, all vehicle parts will be immediately available in an automatic high-bay warehouse and an automatic small parts warehouse. Construction is scheduled to start in 2023, with commissioning around three years later.

Jörg Howe, Head of Communications and External Relations at Daimler Truck. said: “This is the largest logistics project in our company’s history.â€

Around 2,600 suppliers will supply the new logistics center with parts.

In the future, Fuso parts supply in Europe will also be handled via Halberstadt. The new location will serve around 20 regional logistics centers worldwide in a three-stage logistics process, which in turn will supply regional dealers with parts.

The new building in Industriepark Ost in Halberstadt will have a floor space of around 270,000 square meters in the first expansion stage. Initially, up to 450 jobs will be created, later there will be 600.

The location is heated with electric heat pumps, which bring heat into the building via underfloor heating. High energy efficiency is achieved thanks to the low heating water temperatures and the storage effect in the industrial floors.

The roofs will be equipped with solar panels that can generate up to 13 million kWh of electrical energy per year. That is more electricity than is consumed at the site. Excess energy is made available to other Daimler Truck locations in Germany. The roofs of the outbuildings will be greened.

A large number of charging stations for e-vehicles and e-bikes are made available to employees. Appropriate charging options will also be available for the suppliers’ trucks, whose fleets are gradually being electrified.


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