Dodge Won’t Let People Modify EVs Without Automaker’s Assistance: Report

There’s a huge aftermarket scene supporting Dodge’s current model portfolio, but that’s likely to change in the near future, at least when it comes to performance tuning. With the upcoming electric vehicles of the brand, third-party companies should be blocked from tuning the performance of the cars.

In November last year Dodge introduced the updated Charger Daytona SRT Concept at SEMA 2022, where it became clear that there will be nine performance levels for the production version of this vehicle. Six outputs are available for the regular 400 volt version and another three for the more powerful 800 volt models. However, it turns out that only the automaker will be allowed to tune the car. Are aftermarket companies allowed to make customizations?

“No, I’m sure someone will try to hack it, but that will be a Direct Connection exclusive, and quite frankly that’s one of the reasons why what I call â€کCrystals†really appeals to us is important,” said Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis Muscle cars and trucks in a recent interview. “The crystals are bound to the car, bound to the VIN, bound to the ECM of that car. It’s specific to this tune, this car. Because we want to channel all of this through our control, and we want to channel it through our Direct Connection and Power Broker programs to support this group of people and make sure we control everything that happens in these cars.” ‌

Dodge reportedly wants to maintain full control over the modifications to make sure “it was done right.” According to the Kuniskis, the automaker doesn’t want to just lock the cars and never let their owners modify them, but instead wants to guarantee that there are no unwanted, uncontrolled and potentially harmful hacks exist. The good news is that any factory power upgrade will stay with the car for the next few owners, as it’s basically specific to that car’s VIN and isn’t tied to its original owner.

As a reminder, the regular Daytona SRT concept with a 400 volt architecture can be optimized to produce 455 hp (340 kW), 495 hp (370 kW), 535 hp (400 kW), 590 hp (440 kW), 630 hp (470 kW) and 670 hp ( 500kW). The upgraded 800-volt model has three additional power options, with the top-of-the-line SRT Banshee promising over 800 hp (588 kW). Any potential power upgrades will be accessible through what Dodge calls Crystals.

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