Strong winds create a crashing wave that looks like a face

Wave That Looks Like a Face by Cody Evans

photographer Cody Evans enjoys capturing all kinds of images. His Instagram is full of photos of birds, motocross and stormy landscapes. A particularly blustery day in Ontario brought Evans to Lake Erie. There he took an estimated 10,000 photos of the crashing waves. At home he looked at the pictures on his computer and then one stood out from the others. There it was, as clear as can be—a face in the waves.

Evans was amazed at what he saw and said it looked like Poseidon’s face was emerging from the water. In fact, the wave has all the features you would expect in a face. The sunken eyes, protruding nose and narrow mouth are even crowned by a messy mop of hair.

In the three years that Evans has visited Lake Erie to photograph the waves, he’s never seen anything like it. “I was kind of overwhelmed,” he divided. “You see a lot of things like that in waves and clouds, but to have it so clear was just unreal. This photo certainly stood out from all the others.”

The picture was taken in November, a time of year when strong gusts of wind blow across the Great Lake. According to Environment Canada meteorologist Daniel Liota, these gusts typically occur as autumn turns into winter because the water is still relatively warm compared to the surrounding air. The winds move a long distance across the water, gaining speed and creating large waves.

As these gusts are an annual event, Evans is already planning his return to see what else he can capture in these dynamic waves.

Cody Evans took thousands of photos of the crashing waves caused by wind storms on Lake Erie.

Wave photography by Cody Evans

One incredible image even looked like a human face buried in the waves.

Wave photography by Cody EvansCody Evans: Instagram | youtube

My Modern Met has given permission to feature photos of Cody Evans.

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