Ford is developing its own platform to replace the VW MEB

As automakers try to solidify their position in the new era of electric vehicles, ford draws from his past to gain an advantage in the future. According to a new report, Ford expects to develop its own internal platform, which will shift from its previous alliance Volkswagen.

Ford is developing its own platform that differs from the VW MEB

Ford partnered with Volkswagen in 2020 to use the German automaker’s Modular Electric Drive Matric (MEB) platform to launch an electric vehicle in Europe.

Though Ford’s US EV lineup consists of the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E, it wanted to take a more global approach. partnership with VW According to Ford Europe President Stuart Rowley, “at least one, probably two, passenger cars based on the MEB platform will be produced, and they will be priced lower than the Mustang Mach-E”.

In order to enter the developing European market with maximum speed and profitability, it made sense for Ford to partner with VW at the time. The partnership is expected double the planned volume to 1.2 million units over the next six years.

Managing Director of Ford Model e Europe, Martin Sander, gave us a glimpse what we can expect teases a locked photo of the EV with one comment: “Can’t wait for 2023 to come when we’ll be pulling the cover on our first electric passenger car from Cologne.”

Ford VW Platform EV
Ford EV on VW MEB (Source: Ford)

However, it seems that the collaboration will be short-lived. according to a new report from financial timesFord is trying to move away from VW’s MEB platform as it develops its own internal system.

Martin Sander, head of electric vehicles in Europe, says the new system has:

No kind of integration (with VW), it’s very versatile, very powerful. We explore all possible possibilities, how far we can go, what segments we can cover with it.

Meanwhile, Sanders says a final decision has yet to be made, and Ford is open to developing electric vehicles with VW or other automakers.

ford announced October It would end Fiesta production as it works to trim its portfolio and focus on electric vehicles. Sanders also claims that Ford could end gas-powered sales before the 2030 deadline if market demand moves faster than expected (as it always has).

Electrek’s take

In order to enter the EU market as quickly and profitably as possible, Ford likely made the right decision to primarily partner with VW to leverage the automaker’s MEB platform.

However, to remain competitive going forward, it makes a lot more sense for Ford to build its own EV platform. The company can scale the technology and use it across a variety of models, rather than being limited to using a competitor’s architecture.

While nothing is set in stone yet, Sanders, mentioning that Ford expects to bring electric vehicles to market on its own “in-house system” that Ford is developing in the US, seems like the company is headed in that direction.

To compete with Tesla and General Motors, both of which have their own EV systems, Ford will likely lean in that direction. In November, Ford boss Jim Farley told reporters Ford is “returning to our Model A” in terms of building its own components and scaling back production.

What do you think? Should Ford go its own way or stay with VW? We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about Ford’s plans for the EV platform.

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