A 1/3 scale Ferrari Daytona V12 engine

This is a remarkably intricate 1/3 scale model of the Colombo V12, the engine used in the Ferrari 365 GTB/4, now better known as the Daytona. The model was made by Terzo Dalia and measures 16″ x 11″ x 10.25″.

The 365 GTB/4 didn’t get its Daytona nickname from Ferrari, but rather from the media of the time as a nod to Ferrari’s 1-2-3 victory at the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona. Ferrari notoriously disliked the name at all and refused to to use it at all at that time and only sparingly since then.

The car was one of the most important new Ferraris of the era as it was developed, at least in part, to meet the challenge Lamborghini Miura.

Ferrari factory production line

image descriptionThis is the Ferrari factory production line, showing the Dino models on the left and the Daytonas on the right. Image courtesy of Ferrari.

When it was launched in 1966, the Miura represented one of the biggest challenges Ferrari’s road car division has faced in recent times – it was a stylish, luxurious V12-powered Italian supercar – in a way that Lamborghini had overtaken Ferrari.

The Ferrari Daytona appeared in 1968, still front-engined, as Enzo notoriously did not trust non-racers to drive a mid-engined car competently. The engine was the Type 251an evolution of the legendary Colombo V12 with double overhead camshafts, a displacement of 4,390 cc, six 40 DCN/20 Weber carburettors and an output of 347 hp at 7,500 rpm.

Perhaps most importantly, the new car was slightly quicker than the Miura, with a top speed of 174mph versus the Lamborghini’s 171mph.

Ferrari Daytona V12 engine model

image descriptionThe Schedoni leather base is styled to look like the Daytona’s leather-trimmed seats.

The heart of every car is its engine, and this is truer of no automaker than Ferrari, a company whose two primary V12 engines became famous around the world and which many still refer to by the surnames of their chief engineers – Gioacchino Colombo and Aurelio Lampredi.

This accurate 1/3 scale model from Italian manufacturer Terzo Dalia shows fantastic attention to detail throughout, it’s even mounted on a Schedoni leather base designed to evoke the leather upholstery of the Daytona.

It is slated to cross the auction block with Artcurial on February 5 with a target price of $5,400 to $8,700. If you would like to read more or register to bid You can access the list here.

Ferrari Daytona V12 engine model 3

image descriptionThe engine is precise down to the last detail, including the six 40 DCN/20 Weber carburetors and equal-length tubular exhaust manifolds.

Ferrari Daytona V12 engine model 5
Ferrari Daytona V12 engine model 2
Ferrari Daytona V12 engine model 1

Images courtesy of Artcurial

Ferrari Daytona V12 engine model 4


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