FIA approves ‘Driver’s Eye’ helmet camera for all F1 racers in upcoming 2023 season

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Last updated: January 24, 2023 7:49 am IST

FIA approved helmet camera for all 20 drivers of the upcoming 2023 F1 campaign

FIA approved helmet camera for all 20 drivers of the upcoming 2023 F1 campaign

Fernando Alonso was the first rider to drive his Alpine through Eau Rouge with his helmet camera installed

Formula 1 is fast becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world and to keep up with its breakthrough innovation, F1 has introduced another major innovation that could change the landscape of F1 broadcasting.

First seen at the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix, the helmet cam or “driver’s eye” is now set to become the norm.

The FIA ​​has reportedly officially approved helmet cams for all 20 drivers for each race of the upcoming 2023 F1 campaign.

Over the years F1 has introduced graphics and other new additions like the F1 TV to bring fans closer to the pits, but the driver’s eye would give viewers a never-before-seen experience from inside the beasts that race at breathtaking speeds.

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Fernando Alonso was the first rider to ride his Alpine through Eau Rouge, giving his fans a unique perspective through his Bell helmet, and a number of other riders have since used the cameras multiple times.

For the upcoming 2023 season, however, Formula 1 will introduce the “driver’s eye” for all racing drivers.

According to a tweet from Joe Pampliano, the FIA ​​has approved the use of a helmet cam for every driver in every race starting next season.

Previously, Giuliano Duchessa also reported on Twitter that Formula 1 had reached an agreement with Racing Force Group, an organization that is an industry leader in motorsport safety.

It was reported that the two parties had agreed on a deal whereby Racing Force Group would supply the Helmet Cam to all riders and helmet suppliers.

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The “Driver’s Eye” is an FIA-approved micro-camera with a diameter of 8 millimeters and a weight of just 1.43 grams.

Previously, the helmet cam could only be seen at Bell Helmets, which was the sole property of Racing Force Group.

However, F1 had to sign a deal with the company to ensure all riders could install the helmet cam without having to switch to the Bell helmets.

The new innovation would give viewers an exceptionally immersive picture of how the driver views the circuits in real time.

Plenty of unique broadcast material would be available during the upcoming 2023 F1 campaign should all 20 drivers try out the helmet cam.

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