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Photograph by Richard Giordano

The Skotti grill was born out of the desire of fisherman and nature lover Christian Battel to enjoy freshly caught fish while complying with the fire law in Meerbusch, northwest Germany. “Open fires in nature are rightly only allowed under certain conditions,” he writes on the company’s website. “So I kind of had to reinvent fire.†Fast forward to 2019 when Battel’s motto “Just. Grill. Anywhere.” was fully realized – the Skotti won the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category for its multifunctionality, light weight and portable design.

The 3.3 kilogram Skotti seems to be in a league of his own. There are not many (if any) stainless steel barbecues that will work with a standard EN 417 fuel canister (propane/isobutane mix), wood, or Charcoal, folds down to the size of a laptop and is dishwasher safe, includes a tarpaulin carrying case. For the typical Overlander, the grill’s appeal lies in its packability, light weight, ability to run on fuel you may already be carrying, and of course, the fun factor. The minimalist design is too très sweetfeaturing cutouts of man’s best friend, a tribute to one of Battel’s former dogs named – you guessed it – Skotti.

One of my favorite features is the grill’s modular design. It packs flat, measures 45 x 30 x 3.5 centimeters and is quick and easy to set up in under a minute. Each plate slides into the next to form a stainless steel box with a burner tube, radiant plate and drip tray in the center and a cooking grate on top. Users should exercise caution when connecting the fuel can (especially in cold temperatures) as the threads will depress the fuel valve before it is fully seated, causing fuel to spill onto unprotected hands. However, this is a common feature of many screw controllers.

I did find it a bit difficult at times to light the Skotti through the honeycomb pilot hole (especially when there was wind), but using a long handled lighter and opting for the Skotti cap should overcome this challenge. Once lit, the grilling experience was enjoyable. The advertised two-minute preheat time has been proven while keeping the grill’s feet cool – a definite asset to any camping table.

I did the tests at 5am°C and -5°C, and the grill fared far better in temperatures above freezing, getting nice and hot and demonstrating the potential of its 14,000 Btus per hour. Skotti recommends using winter gas for colder temperatures, which I have done, but using the grill in temperatures above 0°C should give the best results.

Twenty minutes later the steel was completely cooled and after a quick wash it was ready for packaging. The Skotti manual suggests filling the grease drip tray with about 0.4 inches of water before lighting the grill, which made cleanup a breeze. Considering the price, ease of assembly, weight, packability, function and looks, the grill definitely delivered. And if you’re willing to stash it in a backpack, I’m confident you can actually grill just about anywhere.

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