See inside Johnny Cash’s former Lakeside Mansion in Branson, Missouri

Back in the early 90’s, johnny and June Carter Cash played a number of shows in Branson, Missouri.

Cash decided to base himself in the tourist hotspot of the Ozarks, where he built his own theater to perform for the huge number of tourists that flocked to the area year after year.

Ultimately, the theater collapsed, but Cash continued to live in the area for a long time. It’s unclear how long he was there and whether or not he bought or rented the house.

But needless to say, the country music duo lived quite lavishly during their time in Branson, as the gorgeous mansion is said to stand alone on the massive Table Rock Lake at 968 Red Bluff Road

The description says:

“To top it off, Johnny and June Cash lived on THIS lot when they had a theater in Branson!

If you’re looking for a custom lake home with a bit of history, you need to be here. Don’t wait, come live on Table Rock Lake today.”

So if you’ve ever wondered what a Johnny Cash home would look like, look no further. The $5,450,000 four bedroom, 4.5 bath, 9,056 square foot home is about as perfect as it gets.

Check out this place:

A patio with a fire pit overlooking a lake A terrace overlooking the sea and the sea A patio with tables and chairs on it and a body of water in the background A room with a pool table and chairs A room with a table and chairs A living room with fireplace A swimming pool in a house A room with a large window overlooking the water A living room with fireplace A staircase in a building A large house with a driveway A big house with a fireplace

Johnny Cash’s old ’70s Rolls-Royce has been turned into a Tesla

Imagine owning the 1970 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow that once belonged to the legendary Johnny Cash.

Now imagine turning it into a Tesla…because that’s exactly what just happened.

After digital trendsJohnny’s vintage ’70s Rolls Royce has been transformed into a Tesla-powered electric car with the boldness of a 2016 Tesla Model S.

Built by switch electric vehicles In Albany, Oregon, the project was commissioned by a Johnny Cash fan who bought the car at auction. And since repairing Johnny’s old Rolls would have been a nightmare, the owner decided to go electric… with as many Tesla components as possible.

“They originally approached Tesla,” says Shift EV CEO Kirk Swaney:

“It was quite an important task to move these computers, to assemble them and to make them work.”

The last project? A fully electric Rolls that’s even faster AND smoother than the original. And of course they kept the original “JRC” badge as a nod to the Man in Black himself.

That’s how it all went.


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