Eco-conscious tire is made from rice, soy and pine

  • Goodyear presented a tire with 90 percent sustainable materials Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week.
  • The new tyre, which has passed all regulatory and internal tests for road use, uses sustainable products such as soybean oil, rice husk and pine resin instead of standard compounds.
  • Goodyear has yet to work out scaling measures before the demonstration tire goes to market. The company plans to launch a tire made from 70 percent sustainable material this year for the first time.

The schedule for Goodyear’s company canteen has just been leaked. We hope you enjoy three meals a day of tofu that stretch into eternity. We joke, but if Goodyear’s latest tire reveal is to take anything further, the tire giant will need all the soy it can get for years to come.

A growing awareness and concern for the environment in recent years is leading tire manufacturers to set more aggressive sustainability targets. Goodyear, which has a stated goal of launching its first 100 percent sustainable tire by 2030, is making strides toward that future with a demonstration tire unveiled at CES last week.

Made from 90 percent sustainable materials, the demonstration tire has already passed all official and internal tests required for road use. Of course, passing regulatory tests means nothing in terms of tire performance, as many terrible tires are road legal. But we do know that the demo tire excels in at least one aspect: rolling resistance. Goodyear claims its sustainable tire rolls easier than a comparative tire made with traditional materials.

In addition to natural rubber, modern tires use steel, textiles, synthetic polymers and a whole host of chemicals to keep your car in contact with the asphalt below. However, this hodgepodge of materials pollutes the environment.

As tires wear out, they leave behind pieces of rubber and chemicals that pollute the environment. However, not the latest tire from Goodyear. It leaves a hint of tofu and, oddly enough, a hint of pine schnapps.

Good year

Tire manufacturers are notoriously tight-lipped about the chemistry of their tire compound. So much so that these companies often avoid filing trademarks on the subject to discourage competitors from stealing this information.

However, Goodyear divided the 17 main ingredients into 12 components that make these tires roll. This recipe includes soybean oil to keep the tire supple as temperatures change; rice hull ash silica to improve grip; and pine resin, which replaces standard petroleum-based resins.

Goodyear acknowledged that it has yet to determine the scale required to bring the demonstration tire to market yet. Despite this, the company plans to bring a tire 70 percent sustainable launch at the end of the year. If Goodyear has its way, its sustainable tires should bring new meaning to the phrase “eat my rubber”.

This content is imported from the survey. You may find the same content in a different format or more information on their website.

This content is imported from the survey. You may find the same content in a different format or more information on their website.

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