Harley-Davidson is turning part of its headquarters into a park

Harley-Davidson rotates a large part of his headquarters in Milwaukee into a public park for employees, loyal drivers and nature lovers alike. The traditional motorcycle company, led by CEO Jochen Zeitzsays he new park will provide the local community with a much-needed “green space” and will eventually be expanded to include a “market street, tranquil garden and natural playground”.

I’m having trouble processing the concept of Harley-Davidson – with its loud ‘Screamin’ Eagle’ exhausts and historical image based on its burly Big Twin engines – with the concept of a peaceful, quiet park. But here we are: just over a year away from Harley-Davidson Community Park and Garden, which is slated to open in Summer 2024.

The park will not take up all 46,452 square kilometers of Harley headquarters, but will transform “a central element” of the campus on Juneau Avenue “into a civic and soulful green meeting place,” according to the company. The park will center around “The Hub,” an 82.91 m wide motorcycle amphitheater where motorcyclists will use circular driveways to park their motorcycles and then sit down to watch events.

Harley-Davidson is turning part of its headquarters into a park Image: Heatherwick Studios

The park surrounding this area will be seeded with native plant species and Harley plans to expand the park to include a street for a farmers market or other local vendors. And since the company says the community needs even more “green space,” a garden and natural playground are in the works, though the project hasn’t started yet.

the Heatherwick Studio designed the park and worked with the Harley-Davidson Foundation (which now owns the land) to create the plans. The studio is famous for design Google’s new campus in Bay View and the Small island including in New York City. Local companies will also help build the park, including Milwaukee-based architectural firm HGA and Near West Side contractor Greenfire Management Services.

Harley-Davidson turns 120 this year, and yet the old hand keeps proving that it can learn new tricks. The park’s announcement comes months after Harley-Davidson announced it repurpose its Milwaukee headquarters rather than reopen it and are requiring employees to return to the office. The campus had closed early in the global pandemic and (like many large companies) employees continued to work from home.

Zeitz later said the campus would not fully reopen and that the company would let employees work from home longer. Helping workers achieve the almost mythical work-life balance was part of the deal, but Zeitz said the policy would help Harley attract and retain the new talent the company will need as it moves into the next phase EV Brand, LiveWire. Now the company is adding a manicured park to its list of perks in addition to its WFH policy.

Harley-Davidson is turning part of its headquarters into a park Image: Harley Davidson


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