Hertz will direct and charge thousands of electric vehicles in major US cities

(Image credit: Hertz)

(Green car reviews) – Hertz begins rolling out what the company says is North America’s largest EV rental fleet in Denver and reveals how it plans to continue that nationwide rollout.

The company on Thursday announced Hertz Electrify, a public-private partnership model aimed at bringing electric vehicles to rental and ridesharing customers in major cities, along with associated charging infrastructure.

Hertz plans to deploy up to 5,200 electric vehicles in Denver while adding charging stations at Denver International Airport and at its own rental locations. BP pulsea unit of the oil company, will also help install public charging stations in boroughs of Denver as part of an existing partnership with Hertz.

Hertz and BP Pulse are partners for electric vehicles and charging

The plan also includes public relations. Hertz plans to share telematics data to help plan charging infrastructure, offer summer jobs through the Denver Youth Enrollment Program, and provide electric vehicles, tools, and training for the local Montebello Career and Technical High School’s automotive program.

This model is being replicated in other cities, with Hertz not only providing electric vehicles and charging stations, providing telematics data to help plan charging networks and working to help underserved communities.

Hertz has already announced purchase intentions 100,000 Tesla Model 3up to 65,000 Polestar electric vehicles over five years and up to 175,000 GM EVs by 2027 – plus more from other automakers. With this announcement, it has become clearer how the company intends to utilize this sizable fleet.

Polestar at Hertz

In addition to traditional rental customers looking for a way to get around while on vacation or business travel, Hertz plans to offer ridesharing to electric vehicle drivers on so-called “flexible contracts.” In the US, the rental giant already offers Tesla vehicles to Uber drivers as part of a special leasing program.

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Hertz also announced plans with Uber earlier this week to expand EV rollout to European capitals, starting with London and expanding to Paris and Amsterdam. Uber and Hertz aim to have 25,000 electric vehicles available across Europe by 2025.


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