After more than 40 years, Honda built the 30 millionth vehicle in the USA

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It was in 1976 at a Wendy’s when then-Ohio Gov. James A. Rhodes Had burgers with some Japanese government officials in the morning to throw them at one thing: A Honda factory to be built in the state, the first in the country. When this Marysville, Ohio factory finally began producing cars in 1982, it was racing, although probably no one could have predicted what a huge success it would be.

This factory is now one of five Honda automobile factories in the United States and is part of a Honda operation said Thursday had produced 30 million cars in just over 40 years. It’s a milestone that Honda is keen to celebrate, in part because they intend to stick with it for much longer Hundreds of millions invested in electric vehicles in the US.

The $700 million investment will transform Honda’s Marysville Auto Plant (MAP), East Liberty Auto Plant (ELP) and Anna Engine Plant (AEP) for the electrified future, including the creation of over 300 new jobs. These Honda facilities, along with the new EV battery plant, will serve as Ohio’s new EV hub and play a key role in developing the company’s knowledge and expertise in EV manufacturing, which will be shared throughout Honda’s North American auto manufacturing network in the coming years.

Currently, more than two-thirds of Hondas and Acuras sold in America are also made here, a number that could rise given the Inflation Reduction Act, which encourages automakers to manufacture cars for the US at Honda’s US Marysville plant also kind of a rarity in the state as you can count on it not going anywhere anytime soon, unlike many other closed auto plants across the state that have left heartbreak. Honda factory says we are still here and doing it.


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