I’m sorry to say that a 55 inch TV is the largest TV you can fit in the back of a Lexus LS 500

A TV in the back seat of a Lexus LS 500

photo: Collin Woodard

You just have to love Google Photos. It saves every picture you take, and every now and then decides to curate a collection of photos from your past that you had no interest in remembering. Although my phone recently decided to remind me of my move to Detroit. As you may (but probably not) remember, Problems in the supply chain led to a minor disaster. But this photo collection included a photo I took of a situation that taught me a lesson that is very important consumer advice: The Lexus LS500 is not the best car to buy TV.

Having left my beloved (but not particularly Jalop) Fiat 500e in Los Angeles, I used press cars to get around when I first moved to Detroit. And one of the first ones I got was a Lexus LS 500. And it arrived right at the time I was frustrated enough at not having a TV to go out and buy one. After all, watching Hulu on a work laptop after work can only sustain a person for so long.

The plan seemed simple enough. Drive to Best Buy. Buy a TV. Drive it home. Enjoy the big screen experience. So I got in the LS 500, drove to Best Buy and tried just that. I found one that was a good deal and wanted to buy it, but luckily a member of staff suggested I make sure it was in my first place car fits. Maybe they have experience with this thing.

When I pulled up to the front, I wanted to fold down the rear seats, only to find that wasn’t going to happen. If you get the Executive package, these seats do not fold down. Which makes sense if you think about it for half a second, but obviously I hadn’t thought about it. That meant the TV had to fit in the back, not in the trunk. It’s a big trunk, but it won’t fit a full-size TV, unless we’re talking one of those old 12- or 13-inch tube TVs with built-in VCRs that families used to strap between the two seats to keep their kids to entertain on car journeys.

Unfortunately for me Rear of the LS 500 may be bulky and luxurious, but it’s not bulky enough for a 65-inch TV. Call the member of staff who suggested we make sure it fits before I pay for it. Also, kudos to this clerk for not making it weird when it became clear I wasn’t particularly familiar with the $100,000 car I was driving.

The 60-inch was out too, but the 55-inch seemed to work. It would be tight, but at least in theory it should have fit. But it didn’t. Did I really have to downgrade to 50 inches like A Poor? I was a Lexus LS 500 man for a week. Living like that just wasn’t an option.

But after some front seat movement, angle adjustments and a little swearing, we finally managed to close both doors. That was it. I was now the owner of a 55 inch TV and would soon be able to watch happy endings as it should be: not on a laptop. Hooray for me!

And hooray for you too. Because you now know that a 55 inch TV is the largest TV you can fit in the back seat of a Lexus LS 500. The next time your rich LS 500 driver friend tells you he’s going to buy a new 70-inch TV, you can obligingly say, “No, you’re not. 55 inches will work, but that’s really overkill.” Your friend, who definitely didn’t want to just have it delivered to his home, will be impressed with your knowledge.

Hopefully Lexus can fix this very serious problem with a significantly wider next-gen LS. Your loyal customers shouldn’t have to settle for 55 inches, Lexus. You deserve bigger. Both TVs and flagship luxury sedans. Certainly the TV transport capacity is an important part of the development criteria of the LS. If not, it should be. Would you like your wealthiest customers to only be able to buy small TVs? I hope not.


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