LEGO MOC Jeep CJ-7 by firefabric | rebuildable

Jeep CJ-7 Breakaway (Speed ​​Champions)

The Jeep CJ-7 is another classic that has existed in various versions from the 1940s to the present day. As usual, the inspiration for me to build one comes from Back to the Future, the model and color scheme are based on the 1980’s, which was briefly seen in one of the opening scenes showing Marty on his skateboard on his way to school drives and stops a ride behind the blue jeep around the yard. It’s a small but memorable scene as it establishes Marty’s skateboarding skills for the main skateboard chase scene in 1955.

The build was quite interesting as I wanted to experiment with a 7 wide chassis as it seemed to fit the smaller scale jeep more naturally. In order to accommodate the larger front fenders, the front chassis actually had to be 6 wide, so the car ended up being built in two sections, a 6 wide front wheel and a 7 wide rear wheel. But I think it fits the overall look of the Jeep, so I’m pretty happy with the result.

All of the parts are modern and fairly easy to obtain, a few of the mid-blue parts seem to be a bit more expensive, but there aren’t too many of them so the overall cost of the parts should remain reasonable. The car seats 2 minifigures on standard Lego seats. The construction was also done with real bricks according to the instructions so they should be complete but if you find any problems please let me know.

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