Junkyard Gem: 1962 Studebaker Champ Spaceside

With a history of wagon building dates back to the mid-18th century Studebaker Corporation began building gasoline engines delivery trucks beginning in 1911. The company prospered during World War II—and helped along win the war for the Allies there—and for a few years after that, but then I had trouble as to when GM, ford and Chrysler began crushing smaller American manufacturers with their increasingly sophisticated (but affordable) products. Despite this, the long-established company from South Bend, Indiana, did not give up on the pickup market, even when the walls were closed a new generation of Studebaker pickups Hit showrooms for the 1960 model year. That was the winnerand i found one of them truck in a self-service cemetery in northeastern Colorado.

Studebaker pickups were used the same cabin design since the late 1940’s, and this cab was looking mighty dated by the time the 1960’s arrived, Space exploration boomedand thermonuclear weapons reached the 50 megaton mark. Studebaker, merged with Packard didn’t have the money to design a new cab from scratch in 1954, but did the front half the Lark was the right size for the Studebaker truck frame. With a bit of cut and paste, a Lark-based pickup truck cab was developed that looked pretty good.

In fact, the new champs looked just as modern as hers Ford’s competitors, Chrysler and GM. The cheapest 1960 Champ pickup started at $1,875 (about $19,051 in 2022). Evade could put you in its cheapest pickup this year for $1,812 ($18,411), while a Chevy pickup started at $1,991 ($20,230). The cheapest ’60 Ford Flareside was $1,956 ($19,875).

For 1962, the half-ton Champ’s price started at $1,870 (about $19,001 today).

This one has the spaceside bed, allegedly manufactured using Dodge tooling purchased from Chrysler. Secure looks similar! Out of necessity, Studebaker achieved a lot with a little money in the early 1960s.

Flathead engines were Serious obsolete in the 1960sand so it was good news when Studebaker finally offered one Overhead valve straight six in the Champ for the 1961 model year (Chrysler sold a few flathead Dodge trucks well into the decade, although most later ones were military-only).

This is a 170 cubic inch (2.8 liter) plant based on Studebaker’s venerable Flathead design, rated at 110 hp and 156 pound-feet. A Studebaker 289-cubic-inch V8 was available as an option. Various transmissions were available including a “Flightomatic” automatic; This truck came with the base Three-on-the-Tree Column Layer Guide.

the decorative speaker grille is gone, but the original AM radio speaker remains. Imagine you take US Route 36 from Denver to Indianapolis Hank Snow’s latest hit hums from this speaker every half hour!

Pickups of this era were not suited to fancy switches or instruments.

I still think so the occasionally discarded Studebaker during My junkyard travels, but Studebaker was financially dead in the 1960s, so its vehicles from the last few years are rare. 1964 was the last year for the Champ (and for all US-built Studebakers, by the way). Studebaker automobile production continued in Canada until 1966.

It seems Studebaker hasn’t done much television advertising for the champ, so here’s a ’62 Lark commercial.


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