Junkyard Gem: 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis LS

fords now deceased mercury First division began using the name Marquis 1967, on a sporty full-size hardtop related to the Ford LTDthen began to offer the Great Marquis from model year 1979. Those big, boxy ones luxury limousines were replaced by large, curvy luxury sedans (on same platform) beginning with the 1992 model yearso today Junkyard Jewel is one of the very last square Grand Marquises ever built.

The 1991 Grand Marquis (or “Grandma Keith,” as many call it today) looks at first glance almost identical to its 1979 predecessor, exactly the same the 2011 model hardly differs from the 1992 model. Ford saw no reason to follow short-lived fashion trends with its sleek, rugged, rear-wheel-drive sedan.

Only two Grand Marquis trim levels were available for 1991: the base GS and the (somewhat) upscale LS. The former is trading at $18,741 and the latter at $19,241, equivalent to about $41,494 and $42,601 respectively in inflated 2022 dollars).

This interior would have seemed reassuringly familiar a 1968 (or even 1958th) Mercury owner on time travel until 1991.

This is the optional “full-grain leather seating surface” that costs an additional $489 (about $1,083 today).

Dig those opera lights!

Air Air conditioning was standard equipment in the 1991 Grand Marquis and its wagon counterpart. the colony park.

The engine is the good old pushrod 5.0 liter Windsor V8, which would be replaced in the ’92 Grand Marquis by a far more modern 4.6-liter SOHC grinder. This engine was rated at 180 hp. A four-speed automatic was the only transmission available.

The early 1990s were the last breath for padded vinyl roofs, which were considered standard equipment on new Detroit cars. This was called the “Formal Coach” roof and cost an additional $725 (now $1,605). Such roofs were still available on some cars later in the decade, but their time was over.

Why would a grandma Keith this clean end up in a place like this? It’s simple: it hit the right front wheel directly, mangled the bodywork and bent the suspension. That damage might have been worth it if the car was five years old, but it’s a write-off when it happens to a 31-year-old Ford Panther.

The grandfather of all and in South Texas on sale!

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