Junkyard Gem: 2007 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart

We started getting Mitsubishi Galants here a long time ago in the 1971 model year, when the Colt Gallant showed up with Dodge Colt badge. Mitsubishi not started sell cars with its own badge in North America to the 1983 model yearand the first Mitsubishi emblem gallant appeared on our shores than 1985 models. As the ninth and final generation of Galant appeared for 2004it was a generic look Camry Rivale, enlarged and attractively priced, but otherwise not very interesting. Then, for 2007, a sporty Ralliart version appeared. Here’s one of those rare cars that was recently found at a snowy Colorado self-service yard.

Ralliart is the racing and performance department from Mitsubishi Motors and I made it Find a couple Lancer Ralliarts during My junkyard travels. I had forgotten the existence of the gallant Ralliart, I have to admit, so at first glance I took this car for an ordinary Galant Lancer Ralliart badge glued on.

not as Suzuki Works Techno Badge found on Aeroos and Renos of the erathose Ralliart badging really hinted at a car that was faster than the base model.

The ’07 Galant Ralliart received a 258 hp V6 and stiffer suspension, as well as a few styling touches. It would certainly have been more fun than a new Camry the Mazdaspeed6 was faster.

Even the soporific Camry could still be bought with manual transmission in 2007, but not the Galant. All 2004 through 2012 US-market Galants (which were built in Illinois) came with automatic transmissions.

The Galant managed to last through 2012, by which time it had been largely forgotten by American car buyers. That’s a shame because the gadget-packed four-door Galant Sigma hardtops the late 1980s and screaming Galant VR-4s a little later were interesting machines. I still haven’t found a scrapped VR-4, though I to have sighted a discarded Galant GS-X.

He lived fast and died young. Maybe someone will snag this 6G75 motor to swap out a Chrysler K-Car. We can hope.

Get on. It’s time!

Taiwanese car buyers could buy this car as the founder. the real away cats prefers the founder Police InterceptorOf course.


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