Junkyard Gem: 2007 Pontiac G6 GT Convertible

GM’s Pontiac Division sold his first convertibles during the 1927 model year (only a year after the division’s formation), then went on to Offer unforgettable drop tops Per the most from the following 83 years. The best selling convertible to wear pontiac Insignia during our current century was the retractable hardtop-equipped G6Available from the introduction of the G6 in 2006 up to the penultimate model year 2009 (the Sunfire convertible was only available until 2000, while the Firebird convertible disappeared with the sinking of the slow-selling Firebird itself after 2002). Here is one of them G6 GT convertiblesfound in a bone yard in the Denver area after a crash he ended his driving career.

Pureed in the front right, popped air bags. That kind of damage could have been worth it repair 2009, but not today.

The 2007 G6 was available as a coupe, sedan or convertible. All convertibles had the GT trim level and the 3.5-liter V6 with 224 hp.

The MSRP for this car was $28,750 (about $42,325 in 2022), making it the most expensive G6.

the electric hard top roof folded into the trunkleaving 1.8 cubic feet of trunk storage space with the top down.

This Karmann-designed roof system made the interior much quieter than a traditional soft-top convertible.

All G6s were built at Orion Assembly in Michigan, where Chevy Screws are born today.

The G6 was built through the 2010 model yearmaking it one of the very last Pontiac models (the atmosphere also made it to 2010, although it really was one Toyota matrix).

In retrospect2007 turned out an ominous year for GM.

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