More power than 15 Bugatti Chirons – This hydrogen-powered superyacht concept is so fast it can fly over water. Slated for launch in 2025, it’s made entirely of carbon fiber. The 242 long ship has a helipad, beach club and swimming pool.

Lazzarini Design, an Italian design studio founded by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, is known for his over-the-top yacht concepts, and his latest design study is no different. Behold the plectrum, a 74-meter luxury superyacht Concept equipped with massive hydrofoil fins. The concept is said to be inspired by contemporary America’s Cup sailboats, particularly the design of the Luna Rossa, and would become the largest ship in the world to feature foiling technology if it ever went into production. The designer envisioned a flexible design for the superyacht’s foiling system, where the width of the fins can be adjusted to suit cruising needs. According to Lazzarini, the flexible design will “create a different superyacht configuration that will enable much faster sea voyages than conventional vessels of similar size.”


The Plectrum’s propulsion system features a trio of engines powered by hydrogen fuel cells, each capable of producing 5000 horsepower.

No doubt 15000 hp is enough to lift the ship afloat with the help of the hydrofoil fins and give it a top speed of 75 knots, which is insane. Obviously there are many reasons why this has never been done before and weight is one of them. Lazzarini claims the ship will be built entirely of dry carbon fiber composites to keep weight as low as possible.

In terms of design, the plectrum concept features an aerodynamic shape with a flowing design to minimize drag. Rendered in candy orange with black accents, the superyacht is looking pretty good. The bow features a Rolls-Royce-esque hood ornament that appears to be made out of crystal and is fully retractable. The living quarters are spread over four decks and the ship will have six guest cabins and an owner’s suite.

The bow also features a retractable helipad, while at the stern there is a one-car garage. Additionally, there is a tender garage midships that can accommodate a speedboat for quick trips to shore. Although a hydrofoil the size of Plectrum would be theoretically possible, it would be too complicated and expensive to build. Let’s see if this concept ever sees the light of day.


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