Lexus EV has a radiant heater

After decades of warm-air convection heating, in the upcoming RZ BEV, Lexus uses two panels to generate infrared radiation to warm the driver and passenger.

Unlike traditional convection heating, which heats the air, this design only heats solid objects in the panel’s line of sight.

Radiant heat is also said to be extremely efficient, warming occupants faster and reducing energy consumption by around 8% by only putting heat where it’s needed.

It also reduces the load on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and helps ensure the RZ’s estimated range of 470 km.

“The soothing feeling is comparable to a warm blanket wrapped around your legs on a cold day,” the automaker said.

“This is achieved by hiding the two knee-level heaters behind the lower instrument and steering column panels.”

Driver or passenger can avoid overheating through physical contact with the fairing, which automatically reduces the temperature to around 43 degrees Celsius to avoid discomfort.

The radiant heater complements the standard cab heater (which can be used more modestly when radiant heat is generated) and is in addition to the seat heaters and heated steering wheel.

Radiant heating is integrated with Lexus Climate Concierge, the multi-zone climate control system that automatically adjusts the heating and cooling systems for the cabin, seats and steering wheel to ensure optimal thermal comfort.


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