Lexus RZ Sport Concept makes headlines in Tokyo Auto Show concept quintet

Lexus we’re going to the year 2023 this weekend Tokyo Auto Salon and Tokyo Outdoor Show, with concepts aimed at showing the brand balancing sporty, rugged and eco-conscious trademark Luxury. The main speaker is the RZ Sport Concept, the new battery-electric Lexus crossing got a heavy tune from racer and Lexus development engineer Masahiro Sasaki. This race connection adds some context to the looks and almost 100hp more power than the RZ on which this is based. The production RZ produces 308 hp from two motors driving the Direct4 four-wheel drive system. The RZ Sport Concept gets 402 horses out of its two engines.

Custom aero parts front to rear make the RZ’s intentions clear. There is a custom front fairing with exposed carbon fiber Surrounds for the intakes and a black bonnet with two huge ducts. Wheel arch extensions and new rocker panels add 3.5 inches to the width, while the body is lowered 1.4 inches with a custom suspension over 21-inch Volk Racing wheels wrapped in 295/35 tires. And check out the WRC-worthy twin carbon fiber rear wings that float above the rear window and help increase overall length by three inches compared to the stock RZ.

Hakugin’s exterior is based on a white hue “which creates a delicately shiny texture when lit.” The only detail we’re given about the interior is that there are four bucket seats. That seems bittersweet for the occupants traveling so comfortably over such a short distance. Lexus didn’t provide a range number, but the mods and a quartet of tires wider than the 235/35 did Michelin’s on the 395 hp Lexus RCF will split the production RZ’s estimated range of 225 miles. Also, something that angry can’t help but burn its candle quickly.

The second highlight for the Auto Salon is the Lexus LX 600 Off-Road Team JAOS 2022 who ran the Baja 1000 last year. The SUV was part of a three-year competitive project in unchanged stock classes, with ongoing development focused primarily on safety technologies.

At the Tokyo Outdoor Show, Lexus is displaying a trio of vehicles under the “Overtrail” banner, a mix of overland and trail. The ROV Concept 2 looks like that ROV concept side by side Lexus showed a new livery in one as the only differences in 2021 color called Regolith and a new set of wheels. That means there’s a 1.0-liter three-cylinder hydrogen Rear motor that drives the rear wheels and can send the power to the front via dual locking differentials and a two-speed transfer case and airless wheels. The interior is wrapped in more luxury than you’d want to sacrifice for the kind of mud a UTV typically sprays, but it looks wonderful.

The ROV 2 arrives with two new friends spanning the poles of casual outdoor fun and hardcore overlanding. The RX Outdoor Concept has the Lexus RX 450+ plug-in hybrid as the centerpiece, fitted with a Feldon Shelter rooftop tent on a custom frame, aluminum skid plates and painted bumpers, LED lights and black and dark brown painted trim. It sits on a set of 18-inch Rays wheels shod with 265/60 off-road tires. This is the flat end. The GX Outdoor concept is on the deep end; Used, late model versions of the production GX are very popular for overland construction. This one comes outfitted with things like Old Man Emu suspension, a Warn winch, a Yakima luggage rack and roof tent, CBI off-road body armor and a shiny heavy-duty ride terrain Khaki Mica metallic paint that shows off any California pinstripe, these are the long scratches along the bodywork caused by navigating the California undergrowth. And depending on the cargo space, whoever chose the gear likes to eat well and protect gear and occupants on the trail.

The Tokyo Auto Salon and Outdoor Show runs from today through Sunday.

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