Unboxed teaser campaign builds new SUV for debut on January 31st

If you follow Mazda’s US team on social media, you’ll know that the CX-90 is coming soon. In fact, you might have thought it would be coming on January 12th, which is today when this post goes online. Now we know that Mazda’s new SUV debuts on January 31, and there will be more social posts showing how the CX-90’s components come together until then.

This is Mazda’s official teaser campaign for the month-end debut, simply called CX-90: Unboxed. Yes, that means the automaker’s other posts this week were teasers for it more teasersbut the CX-90 is a big deal for Mazda. In a world where automobile electrification is accelerating, the Japanese brand is lagging behind its competitors. This all-new model will be Mazda’s first widespread electrified vehicle and promises a plug-in hybrid powertrain that also includes a new straight-six engine.

Mazda CX-90 teaser cropped

The first teaser video at the top of this post shows all sorts of vehicle components being unpacked, including the engine. Performance details are yet to be announced – it’s possible this could come to light in a teaser ahead of the debut, but we already know that the CX-90 will be Mazda’s most powerful production model ever for sale. And while a plug-in hybrid setup is confirmed, we don’t know if it is just drive train available.

The CX-90 is intended to replace that CX-9 in Mazda’s lineup. As such, it will be a larger SUV, but the automaker is sticking with it zoom zoom Reputation with indications of being a driver vehicle. A The previous teaser highlighted numerous iconic performance models from Mazda’s past, suggesting the CX-90 would take its own place in this group. And then we have Mazda, which outright says the CX-90 is built around its driver

Expect to hear more about the CX-90 through teasers over the next few weeks while we wait for the full reveal. Mazda isn’t directly saying it will happen on January 31st, but with the company “on the clock” and a 19-day countdown starting today, bringing us to the very last day of the month.


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