Mercedes EQA facelift spied preview of future updates

The Mercedes-Benz EQA debuted almost two years ago, and the company is already working on a refreshed version of the electric crossover. These spy shots provide a comprehensive look at the updated vehicle.

The engineers wrap the nose in camouflage and the material hides the styling details. Compared to the existing model, the nose appears smoother. The inlet in the lower area appears wider. The headlights are the same, but it looks like the graphics in them have some changes.

Earlier spy footage showed that updated EQA with different camouflage. The images suggested that a new shape for the grille was among the forthcoming changes.

At the back, this EQA only has a camouflage stripe under the rear window. The fairing likely hides changes to the taillights. The bumper also differs in that the short, vertical sections on each side are no longer present. It is possible that this element is under a panel to hide other styling tweaks.

Some photos give an insight into the cabin. Mercedes doesn’t seem to camouflage anything. That doesn’t rule out software upgrades, but does suggest there wouldn’t be any major styling changes there.

Given how quickly this refresh comes after the model’s launch, we don’t expect any major changes to the powertrain.

In Europe, the EQA is currently available in several trim levels. The entry-level 250 has a single electric motor rated at 188 hp (140 kilowatts) and a 66.5-kilowatt-hour battery. The 250+ gets a 70.5 kWh package. The 300 4Matic has two electric motors for a total of 225 hp (168 kW) and a 66.5 kWh battery. The 350 4Matic increases performance to 288 hp (215 kW).

No information is available as to when the updated EQA might appear. Our spies believe the revelation could take place later this year. In that case, sales would potentially begin in early 2024.

Mercedes is also working on an EQA sedan to slow down under the upcoming electric C class. It rides on the Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture, which has completely different underpinnings than the crossover. Inside is a revised infotainment system running the new MB.OS software.

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