Exciting new horses for British frontrunners, plus the Olympics on TV – what the horse world is talking about

  • 1. A young stallion with top competition genes

    Best British Grand Prix Driver Gareth Hughes has welcomed an exciting seven-year-old son glamourdale – Lestingdale VS – to his farm. The stallion, owned by Zoe Kirkpatrick, was ridden by Elly Darling, who took him up to elementary level. Following the birth of Elly’s daughter Esmerelda this month, Lestingdale has moved in with the world silver medalist in Warwickshire.

    Find out what Gareth had to say about his new ride

    2. Brit rides one of the world’s best jumpers

    Balou Du Reventon competes with former driver Brian Moggre;  He is now ridden by British show jumper Harry Charles

    British show jumper Harry Karl made his competitive debut in Spain last Thursday (January 12) with the new ride Balou Du Reventon (pictured above), one of the most successful horses in the world. The 23-year-old has taken over the 17-year-old superstar stallion from Ann Thompson, who was previously ridden by American Brian Moggre Darrag Kenny from Ireland.

    The stallion has joined Harry’s line alongside Ann’s other horses, including Harry’s Olympics in Tokyo and World Championship bronze medalist partner Rome 88 and Arallyn Blueplus another tremendously exciting new ride for Harry, I’m Special V, another former Brian Moggre ride that Harry made a flashy debut with in St Tropez in the autumn.

    Read Harry’s thoughts on his new rides

    3. TV Agreement for Future Olympic Games

    The dates on which equestrian fans can register for tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games have been announced

    The Paris 2024 equestrian events will be held at the Palace of Versailles.

    Plans to broadcast future Olympic Games have been completed. For fans watching from the UK, a combination of a limited BBC offering and paid full coverage will continue through Paris 2024, which had previously been agreed, and then through to Brisbane 2032 inclusive. That means the BBC will be showing plenty of it will have free coverage, but to see every event from every sport live and in full viewers will likely have to pay, in a similar model to Tokyo 2020.

    Learn more about how to watch the olympics

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