NZ full year sales up

New vehicle sales in New Zealand fell 4.3% to 11,840 units in December 2022, but that was still the second-strongest tally for the month on record.

Full-year registrations, however, rose 3.8% to a record 116,445 passenger and SUV vehicles, with electrified models driving that result.

However, annual registrations of 116,445 passenger and SUV vehicles for 2022 were the strongest year on record, a 3.8% increase (4,302 units) compared to 2021, with electrified passenger and SUV vehicles driving this result .

Overall, the new car market (light and heavy) was just 0.3% below 2021, the second-highest year on record.

“With rising interest rates, a challenging business environment and inflationary pressures dampening economic activity, this is an excellent result,” said the local auto industry association.

“The outlook for 2023 looks a bit weaker as corporate and private buyers tighten their belts.”

2022 BEV sales have significantly exceeded expectations and are fast closing the gap with monthly hybrid sales.

In December, the Ford Ranger was again the top model (1114 units), followed by the Tesla Model Y (868 units), the Toyota Hilux (615 units) and finally the Tesla Model 3.

The year’s top models were the Ranger (11,577 units), followed by the Toyota (9,787 units) and the Mitsubishi Outlander (9,104 units).

In 2022, 7,230 heavy vehicles (over 3,500 kg gross vehicle weight) were registered, compared to 6,282 registrations in 2021, an increase of 948 units.

Toyota remained the overall market leader in December with 16% market share (1,944 units), followed by Ford with 14% (1,606 units) and Tesla with 11% market share (1,281 units).

The top three market leaders over the year were Toyota with 17% market share (28,727 units), followed by Mitsubishi with 14% (23,886 units) and Ford with 9% market share (15,212 units, including the Ford Ranger with 11,577 units). .


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